The Assassin's Smile

There are rumors. Of a death that strikes out of nowhere. Rumors of a war, fought in the shadows. But most feared are the rumors of a demon whose warriors not only fight in the shadow, but are shadows themselves. This demon became known as The Master of Shadows, and the legends of his wealth, ruthlessness and power spread and he became the most feared being throughout the land.
But there is someone, whose strength is unknown and who wishes to get his hand on the most dangerous thing in the kingdom. And men following the Master of Shadows are the only thing keeping them from their goal.


4. Tharon

Tharon ignored the healer.

“What do you mean ‘dissapeared’?!” the scout flinched.

“I can’t find them anywhere, master.” Tharon growled annoyed. Someone had stolen the horses they were to use to transport, well, anything to and from their safe house. Food, clothing, furniture, materials, stolen goods, if was too dangerous to  send anyone for it with no horses. A man weighed down by gold or meat was an easy target.

The men guarding the horses were dead and his best trackers couldn’t figure out who did it. Coupled with the raiding at the Borrvalley homested, Tharon found it very suspicious.

“Doubble the scouts. I want to know who did it, how they did it, and where they are now!” The scout bowed and turned around to make sure tharon’s orders were followed.

“No, I do not need your help. I own it! And if I want it, I will let you know.” He didn’t look to see how the healer reacted, but stood and walked towards his private rooms. He wanted to look at a map.

He somewhat expected the healer to follow, leaving the door open. He wanted to make it seem like he had no secrets from him or his followers. Of course he had many, but few realized that the man rumored to be the most powerful would also have the most secrets.

Tharon placed the map on the table and secured the corners under a few daggers to keep it from curling in onitself. He marked the places that had been raided and circled the ones he suspected would be next.

No one had any idea Tharon knew exactly who the ‘raiders’ were, and few would believe him if he told he was afraid of them.

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