The Assassin's Smile

There are rumors. Of a death that strikes out of nowhere. Rumors of a war, fought in the shadows. But most feared are the rumors of a demon whose warriors not only fight in the shadow, but are shadows themselves. This demon became known as The Master of Shadows, and the legends of his wealth, ruthlessness and power spread and he became the most feared being throughout the land.
But there is someone, whose strength is unknown and who wishes to get his hand on the most dangerous thing in the kingdom. And men following the Master of Shadows are the only thing keeping them from their goal.


9. Arren

Arren couldn't sleep. Of course he couldn't. After lying awake twisting and turning he gave up. He wasn't going to sleep anytime soon. He sat up and walked to the medical storage. He wondered if they had any Anthemis Nobilis to help him sleep. After looking for about half an hour he gave up. Severely dissapointed he decided to do something else. Maybe he should explore the castle? Arren considered it. He was bored out of his mind. Maybe his master would be interesting? Probably. He seemed like a man you could hold many interesting conversations with. So Arren made his way towards the door.

The way back to his masters room was dark. The only light coming from the torches strategically placed so they didn't waste them, but you still had just enough light to find your way around. Arren remembered his childhood home. It was hard, since he had only lived there for four years, but the feeling of the place was still in his heart. The huge windows and white floors. The place filled with light and happiness. Until it burned to the ground. Arren felt a twinge of pain in his heart, but he ignored it.

He quickly made his way past the torches and to his masters bedroom. The door was supringsly not locked, so he opened it slowly. Inside the almost pitch black room, Arren still managed to see two figures instead of just one. He was just about to panic, but thenhe realized that one of the shadows was quite small and must be a child. Arren took a step further in. Was this a bad idea? I mean, would it make his master furious that he just barged into his room? Arren thought about it for a few seconds. Where they even sleeping. 

Arren found his answer to that when he saw the all too regonizable reflection of eyes. Arren had always had remarkable night vision. If he had to think of the reason for it himself, it was most likely from those many years he spent growing up on the streets. You needed to a bit like a stray cat to survive. Wary, quick, strong, easily hidden in the shadows and untrusting of strangers. So Arren had become that. And he had survived, much more than most people he had met on the street. A glimt of pale green eyes, freckles and golden hair shone in his mind for a clear second before he shook his head. He didn't want to think of him.

Arren realized he should probably state his presence. "Master I am so sorry for intruding. It is but I, your humble healer Arren. I apologize for the disturbance, but I simply couldn't sleep." He stated, unafraid of being loud. Arren took a few steps into the room. The closer he got the more details he saw. From the way his master wrapped his arms around this kid, it must be his child. Arren was often popular with children, since he often made funny faces and jokes when treating their bruises and colds. He quite liked children. They were often honest and pure. Unlike many people.

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