The Assassin's Smile

There are rumors. Of a death that strikes out of nowhere. Rumors of a war, fought in the shadows. But most feared are the rumors of a demon whose warriors not only fight in the shadow, but are shadows themselves. This demon became known as The Master of Shadows, and the legends of his wealth, ruthlessness and power spread and he became the most feared being throughout the land.
But there is someone, whose strength is unknown and who wishes to get his hand on the most dangerous thing in the kingdom. And men following the Master of Shadows are the only thing keeping them from their goal.


3. Arren

Arren watched with slight confusion as his new master spoke back with no waver in his voice. He fought back the urge to smile. Finally a clear headed master. Arren wanted to test him even more. To push his boundaries, but he knew better. Loyalty had never been a word used to describe Arren, but for once it might be. Arren didn't know why, but power excited him. Not his own power. No, helping someone who was the most powerful was far better. Arren gently took a drink, feeling the warmth of the alcohol fill him. He didn't worry. He could outdrink anyone. He gently smiled at his new master, as he spoke with his scouts. He saw anger flash in his eyes. Arren stepped back and watched the scene unfold. He wanted to know if he would be safe. If his master was intelligent and powerful, he might stay for once. He might become loyal.

Arren knew, that once he was loyal to someone, it was the deepest form of loyalty. That is why it rarely happened. Arren knew he couldn't trust anyone. Humans were filthy, greed and lust driven liars. But his new master might me more than human. Arren scanned his new master's body for scars or small movements that indicated pain. He could often tell by just the slighest movements, if someone was hurt. 

Arren stepped away, to not make his master uncomfortable. He fixed his bright blond hair with his warm brown hands and smiled. 

"Do you require my assistance master?" He whispered softly.

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