a child and his fox

this is a story no not of me....not of anyone i know....but it is based off a true story...im writing this for the heartbreak competition


1. chapter 1-born happy... died sad

Maybe it was just bad luck...or maybe an accident. Or was it... something else? Who knows...but tonight, a child is going to be born...a child who will be born with the best parents possible...but something in his life will change. dramatically. But no one would know....




As a woman, obviously with abnormal origins, lied screaming in the hospital bed, she was obviously in labor. Her not yet born child was ready to be born. The doctor told her to stay calm and do as he said as he started the delivery. the nurse giving him what he needed. The delivery began...


                                          *30 minutes later*


The child was delivered successfully. The woman lied done on the hospital bed, a baby boy in her arms. She was about to cry with happiness. "Hey, honey", a man said as he walked in. "Hey, Jack" she replied to her husband.

"May i hold him?", he asked softly. She nodded and handed him the child. "Hey, little guy", Jack said to his newborn son. The baby was sleeping soundly,  unaware of his surroundings...they started choosing names. In about ten minutes, they decided on Jacob. Jacks straight black hair was hanging down over the baby. The woman's brown hair was a mess from what happened forty minutes ago.



                                                                     *the next day*


the women and baby slept the baby in the moms care the man beside her the whole time. he is still in his suit from his job having no time to change last night. when he awoke he smiled at the two "im a father now" he whispered to himself happily. he left to go get her something to eat for when she wakes up. she woke up without the man there but didnt notice. she kissed the babies forehead and held him. after a while of this the man came back with two sandwich's. "hey, i brought breakfast" she smiled "thanks" he nodded and gave her the warmer one and ate his. by the time he finished she was half way done "you ok?" "yeah, its just...im a-a mother now" she said nervously "hey it will be ok...i promise" he replied quickly she didnt respond and finished her food. 



"well i have to go to work" he said sadly "its ok, we will be here i promise" she smiled "ok, bye love you" he said before kissing the women and the baby. "ill be back tonight" he said right before leaving the room. he left for his home to get changed and when finished with that he left for his law firm.




no one would know what he would come back to...no one at all. he would be get back to witness everything he held dear had left this world. and the one who took them...gone.


                                                     *at night, 9 pm*



he came back to the hospital only to see police lines...he ran up to it pushing through the crowd. when he arrived at the police line "what hapened...my son and wife were in there are they ok?" the police officer responded with "room number?" "490" he said quickly and fear building up "im sorry...your wife was stabbed and your child is gone..." the officer stated obviously hurt by the news himself. the man felt his heart sink and sadness build up. "no...your lying" he said sadly "im sorry, i wish i was" the officer stated and tried to keep the crowd back. the man left quickly and called the womens phone...it rang and some one answered but it wasnt his wife's soft caring voice, no it was a deep devilish voice... "hello?" the man on the other end said "w'where is my son! and my wife!" he yelled "oh...so your the father then...jack was it? anyway...we killed your wife and your son will be staying with us for a long...long time" the strange man on the other end hung up. the father was next seen dead in his home, a bullet in his head...dry tears and blood pooled around his head gun in hand....this was a week later.



                                             *8 years later*


a child sat on his bed a tiny bed, his short black hair almost flat and his tanned skin standing out in the bright room...his step-father or his father as he thought had come home drunk. the son knew what was about to happen...hey grabbed his only friend, a toy fox with button eyes and orange and white soft fur the man walked in and dragged the child to the kitchen "you little disgrace!" he yelled "your a idiot child....i dont why we had you" the man went on and punched the child in the face...after a few minutes of abuse the man had enough...."time to end this...one last thing kid, im not your father....i got you off a guy for cheap" he said before stabbing the child the left chest penetrating the lung but missing the heart "see you never" he chuckled before leaving. the screamed in horror and pain... he grabbed his friend for comfort before dying. when the police came they found out who the parents were in a closed case...they didnt know what happened to him before now. but the child was there a toy fox in hand and buried with t beside his parents...now they are together for all eternity.

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