Nightshade series: A Sense Of Manipulation (Book 2)


2. All I Ask Of You

~Nightshade's PoV~

I listen through the door of the mansion waiting room. Masky looked at me.

"Shade, you know that listening in on the boss is forbidden."

"Not if he doesn't find out..." I smiled.

"How do you know we won't tell?" He asked motioning at Hoodie, E.J., L.J., and Clockwork.

"Because..." my eyes turned magenta. "You won't." Their eyes turned a light gray/ice blue for about 2 seconds before turning back to normal color. 

"You're right, I'm sorry, we wouldn't even think about it."

"How did I do that?" I mumbled to myself. "Thank you." I said to them. They bowed to me and said,

"You're welcome, my Queen." before leaving the room. I then sat on the chair in the main room.

"Nightshade!" I heard a call from the other room, I walked into the room. Jeff was starting to wake up. I sighed before hook punching him in the face before binding him to a chair. 

"That should shut him up for a second." Jeff looked up from the chair. He couldn't recognize me because the only thing left uncovered was my eyes, my chest, my arms, my stomach, and my legs. 


"Sorry can you repeat that, I don't speak muffled, gagged loser." I felt his eyes turn to a glare before I ripped the gag out of his mouth. I sat in his lap getting uncomfortably close.

"Who are you and what do you want?"

"Who I am is none of your concern, what I want? That's simple. I want you dead. But, that's not what my boss wants so that doesn't matter. My boss wants you to talk," I pull out my switch blade, "And that's exactly what I plan to make you do..."

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