Multiple Bandom on warped tour

This is about a girl who goes on warped tour and steals the show. When she gets hurt and the bands take her on tour with them what will happen. Will she steal everyone's heart or become a little sister? Who is this guy who looks like her, why is he so protective over her, who is she really?


1. Meet the main character


Meet Quinn

Hey I'm Quinn! I'm a social butterfly, except when I'm shy! I have to get to know someone

before I decide if I should wait to be social or if I should leave. I got warped tour tickets

from one of my friends who knew what was going on at home, my mom doesn't really

like me. At all, I know I have a brother somewhere, she says that I'm sooooo different from

him. I want to meet him, but I'm scared he won't like me. SO back to home, my mom doesn't care 

if we eat, clean clothes, but she does care that I'm always there so that she can have something to

"release stress" on, aka I'm a punching bag. She hasn't done it as much as she used to, especially

after I said something about going to warped tour. I've been going to school for a while, and honestly, I'm done

with it in the next two days. I'm 19, I started school late. I love bands, I used to be in one, but we got separated.

We grew distant from each other. I have short brown hair, my eyes change from blue to grey to green, and I'm

pale.........I also love doing makeup it's one of the few things that I actually let myself do. 

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