Wanderer IV

Entry for the 'Create Your Own World' competition. A brief introduction to this world, plus pictures and sketches. I hope you like it!


4. Human Settlements: The Agricultural Plains


    Radio movies from the coral city are the main form of entertainment in the agricultural floodplains, as well as the oral retellings of them in between releases of new stories - if you asked any person who lived there what the best thing about the city was to them, you would almost certainly find an answer torn between these broadcasts and the medical workers and supplies the city sends in exchange for crops, as well as technology and processed materials; you would also get a torn opinion between thanks for these things, and resentment for the amount of work put in for meagre returns.


  Quality of life and access to information are nowhere near as high in the plains as they are in their neighbouring province - the medical care can be stretched in the more rural areas, and education is a rare resource in children brought up to farm.


   Within the widely-spread clans of workers, which can roughly be split by type of farming (forest, floodfield, or the floating marsh farms of the estuary) and land masses split by the four rivers, - the east shore, east-cardinal plains, north plains, west-cardinal plains, and west shore (the shores lead to dense forest on both sides) - have a history of unfriendliness between themselves, mostly caused by their relative friendlinesses to the city - some have gone so far to ostracize themselves from the city, and many of the other farmers.


   Part of the cause of the growing resentment for the city here is to do with the timber workshops on the east and west shores; originally only lumbered in the easterly Auroral Forest, due to the particularly useful metallic properties of the wood in the cores of the pine trees there, they've had to expand to the Twilight Forest where wood is of loamier and less dense quality, and takes longer to replenish itself - this has led to people venturing further and further in for wood to trade with the city for essential supplies, and, worse even than the extremely unpleasant working conditions here, not all that have gone into the forest have returned. 



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