Wanderer IV

Entry for the 'Create Your Own World' competition. A brief introduction to this world, plus pictures and sketches. I hope you like it!


5. Human Settlements: Hydroelectric Stations



   The electricity from these stations is what allows the coral city to be as vibrant as it is; it wasn't always like this, as the abandoned and dilapidated stations were discovered dotted about the mountainsides and rainforests beside rapids and waterfalls only a little more than a lifetime ago; workers were sent from the Coral City to restore is and find out about its originas. The former venture has been very successful with a lot of work, but the latter, not so much.


   Densely charged batteries are sent down the river all the way to the coast by Box - these are a type of storage container (... a box, coincidentally), that can be made of anything from paper around a light frame for sending small packages within a settlement, to durable  metalwood or coralstone , for transporting the dense batteries down from the powers stations (as well as carrying timber harvests through the forests, or particularly large pieces of  coralstone  up from the sea bed for construction in the city) that with the use of magnetic components interact with the magnetic field of the planet and hover over any terrain, land or water.


   There have been a few instances of batteries and boxes going missing when travelling through the floodplains recently, none of which have yet been found.


   Some of the more established stations have begun to resemble villages, now, with comfortable houses and schools, often on lakesides. Beautiful and peaceful, it's been described as, and workers who have had enough of the high-pressure life in the city might come here to work on the project of repairing, monitoring and improving the stations - there is a decent amount of supplies shipped here from the city, though they're rarely very prompt to the annoyance of the recipients, and the altitude and fresh mountain air might arguably tip the quality of life balance towards these little far-flung villages.


   Not in terms of things to do all day, though, if not working on the plants or in the villages; the young population is growing here too, and without competitive games or education to throw themselves into some the kids here have a tendency towards daredevilishness in snow sports and exploring the wild forest. They're hungry for new books and radio stories too, and frequently youngsters from the different stations meet to play them out in the jungle. Like some of the younger generation in the agricultural lands (though they wouldn't  dare admit it to their parents) the Coral City can seem like a sparkling, distant dream to the young people here.


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