Poetry Book

Various poems about pretty much anything


5. Song of Stories

What is a story to you?

Words on a page

Simple text, black and white

To be absorbed and forgotten

Bouncing off your mind like hailstones

Worthless words

To you, maybe that is what it is

But I am a writer

To me, words are a song

Words can build up my life, or tear it down

A few words on a page paint a picture in my mind

More words create a world

Words, at first simple letters, change, becoming people, places, lands of magic

While this world turns and rolls, the words are dependable

Something you can count on in troubled times


At the heart of all this are the writers

Those that take the words and shape them for themselves

They say there is no magic in this world

But what could be more magical than this?

Authors reach out to that which could be and make it real

They dare to test the limits, and push them even further

Thinking out of the box to create their own lands

What is a story to you?

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