Poetry Book

Various poems about pretty much anything


4. Heart of Glass

Why do we tear each other down?

Why do we hate each other

When you speak, do you think about what you’re saying?

What do you speak to? A person’s mind or a person’s heart?

The mind is strong, like stone

Each comment only makes it harder

Each jibe is taken uncaringly

Each sting, hurting a little more each time

But the heart is something different

That’s the thing about us- each human’s heart is unique

Each of us can feel hurt

Sometimes we hide it

Sometimes we shut it away

But it’s there, hurting on the inside

Pain- just waiting to be awakened

Humans hearts are fragile

No matter how hard we pretend, each little insult breaks us even more

Some day, our hearts are going to break

When you drop a glass, it doesn’t just crack

It shatters, broken beyond repair, too many small pieces to count

A human heart is the same

Once it breaks, there’s no fixing it

Like the glass, there are too many small pieces

It will never be the same

What do you think you’re doing when you jab at somebody with your words?

All you’re doing is pushing the glass closer and closer to the edge

And when it shatters, they’ll be left behind to pick up the pieces of their broken heart of glass

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