What he didn't expect.....<3

Hi this is my first ever story! This is part one of twenty-two that I have already written, please tell me what I should add in! Let me know if I should continue this series! ;)
Luna has always felt something for the pale, blond haired, Slytherin, but with girls wanting him left and right will she ever get her chance?

Draco is the Slytherin prince, so when he meets Luna his world is turned upside down! Will Draco ever see her for who she really is or will he always see as the crazy Looney Lovegood?


20. Defense against the Dark Arts

Luna's POV

Luna pulled her scarf tighter around her face against the bitter wind. She had somehow gone a full week without slipping information about the meeting to Draco. She followed a few other students into the Hogs Head for the meeting. Luna slipped into a seat and waited for the meeting to begin. She saw Harry glaring at Hermione. Hermione sighed and stood up. Quiet fell at once. "Well," Hermione began in a small voice, "you all know why we're here." Everyone stopped staring at Harry and gave their full attention to Hermione. Gaining confidence Hermione continued, " that awful Umbridge woman is a horrible excuse for a teacher, and Harry had the idea-" Harry coughed and glared at her. "Fine," Hermione said, "I had the idea, that we need a teacher to teach us proper defense." Everyone nodded in agreement. Hermione went a little more in dept in into the idea and everyone piped in with everything Harry had accomplished in his years at Hogwarts. "Okay, so we still need a place and time to meet. Any ideas?" Hermione asked. Luna racked her brain for a place twenty or so people could meet. When nothing came to mind she drained to rest of her butterbeer the twins had bought everyone. When the meeting was over they still didn't have a time or place to meet. Though, the Quiddich player made it clear they couldn't be on practice days. Luna braced herself as she walked out into the cold. She was glad to be out of that creepy bar. She pulled her beanie down so that it was covering her ears as a few flakes of snow started falling and the wind threatened to knock her over. She went to meet Draco in Honeydukes. He thought she was meeting a study group, though, technically she was. She welcomed the warmth of the sweet shop as she walked in, the bell tinkling as she opened it. Draco was in her favorite section of the shop. The chocolate part. She snuck up behind him and jumped on his back. He yelled in surprise. Than, his arms reached under her legs holding her in a piggyback position. They both laughed as he spun her around. He dropped her gently to the ground and hugged her properly. "Hey love, I was wondering when you would get here." Draco said letting her go. Luna laughed and took off her beanie shaking her head to rid her hair of snow. They both picked out some merchandise and waited in line. When Luna was looking around the packed shop, Draco took all her stuff out of her arms. "Hey!" Luna cried. "Nope. I'm paying for it," Draco said stubbornly. Luna glared playfully at him. "We go through this every time Draco, this time I will win. I'm paying for it this time!" Luna said nudging him a bit while trying to take the stuff back. Luna was still trying to get her stuff to pay for it when they got to the register. "Put all of it under Lovegood! Not Malfoy!" Luna giggled ducking Draco's arm as he tried to cover her mouth. "No! I'm paying for it! Don't listen to her!" Draco said piling the stuff on the counter. He turned to Luna. "Now Luna, we can do this two ways. One, you can let me pay, or two you can let me pay," Draco said crossing his arms smirking. Luna launched her hand into her pocket, but before she could pull her money bag out Draco threw her over his shoulder. She wiggled around trying to get her money bag, but it was no use. The cashier was smiling at them when Draco turned around. "You guys are so cute together," she said laughing. Luna blushed. She couldn't see Draco but thought he was blushing two. He paid for the content and they left the store, Luna still on Draco's shoulder. He finally put her down as they started to head back to the school. "So, what do you want to do for the rest of the weekend, love?" Draco asked putting his free arm around Luna's shoulders. "I dunno. You wanna go to the room of requirement?" She replied. Draco smiled. "Sure. Sounds like a place we can have some fun." Luna let out a tiny gasp and blushed at his words. "Not like that, love! Like we can actually do something fun." Draco said laughing. "Oh! Sorry!" Luna said reddening even more. After about ten minutes, they got to the room of requirement. Draco opened the door and gave a mock bow. Luna giggled and stepped into the room.

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