We're On Lockdown

Everything was fine with Alec's life, even with the city on lock down. But what happens one night after city curfew when someone is breaking into his apartment....

1. 1

Alec's P.O.V

One day, I swore to myself. One day I would finally find someone to settle down with. My mom is always telling me that it's not good for me to be alone. The thing is, I can't find anyone that would take the time of day to pay me one ounce of attention. "Stop being so sad you big baby." Jace muttered. Jace is my brother, and he's very annoying. Always coming over to my apartment uninvited. But I didn't mind, he was probably over here because mom was driving him crazy. Which is why I moved out. "What do you care?" I sassed, and began to put away dishes. He smirked, like usual, and grabbed my wrist. I raised an eyebrow and he smiled.

"We're going out."

"Jace no."

"Jace, yes. Come on, we're only going down the street to the bar."

"Jace, you're 20." 

"That's what they make fake ID's for."


Magnus's P.O.V

Raphael glared at me. "Whatever happens, do not lose focus. We don't need another incident like last time." I rolled my eyes and put my gun in its holster. "But that guy was hot." I whined. 

"No buts Magnus. This is a quick operation. We go in, shoot a guy, we go out. Simple as that. No talking to anyone got it?" All I did was nod. Raphael isn't even team leader, so why does he make all of the calls? I could hear the heavy music form inside the car. I was already wanting to start dancing and drink but Raphael said no. Fuck you Raphael. Once we arrived I hopped out, running into the line. I could hear Raphael cussing me out as I went inside but I didn't care. He's not the boss of me. 

I looked around and found our target. His ginger hair flopping around as he danced beside some random girl. I was about to shoot Jax (a/n: their target) right then and there, but that's when my eyes spotted some guy. He was sitting in front of a shorter blonde guy. his black-brown hair curly hair is very pretty. He must have known I was looking at him because when he looked up, he was looking right into my eyes. I was hit with a force that knocked the wind out of me. His eyes were so gorgeous. 

Alec's P.O.V

"So how are things with Clary?" I ask, taking a sip from my drink. It was disgusting at first, but the after-taste was really sweet. He grinned and then stopped. "It's going great man. She's the best thing that's ever happened to me." Jace was totally in love with her. Always talked about how amazing and beautiful she is. And she is beautiful, I just don't like girls. "I think someone is staring at me Jace." It was true, I could literally feel someone staring at me. He looked at me and laughed. "Check then." I looked up and found the culprit. He looked kind of rough, as in he looked like he could kick ass if he wanted. His black hair looked like he walked through a hurricane, but it looked good on him.I decided to take Jace's advice with flirting, and I winked. 

It must have worked, because the guy blushed and turned around. "It worked?" Jace pretended to be shocked. I smacked his shoulder. "Yeah it did." 


Losing Jace was not part of my plan. But he was no where to be seen. I was getting antsy, and it was kind of obvious. "You okay there?" I turned around and was face-to-face with the same guy that was staring at me earlier. I nodded and he sat down on the bar stool beside me. "Sorry for staring earlier, you were just so attractive I couldn't help myself." I blushed, covering my cheeks with my hands. He chuckled and I almost exploded with feels. Okay, I should never repeat that. His smile is literally killing my heart. I brought my hands back down and smiled back at him. "It's fine, and I think you're attractive too." 

"Would you care to dance?"

"Why not?"

His hand went to mine and he pulled me to the dance floor. It was then I discovered that I was taller than him but that didn't matter. "Um, I don't know how to dance." I say lowly and he smirked, moving my hands to his waist. He wrapped his arms around my neck and then pulled me close to him so that our chests were touching. He looked up at me. "Just do what everyone else is doing." I looked around and saw people grinding, casual dancing, and there was also people who were close together like us. Except they were making out and soft core grinding on each other. Both of which I knew how to do. I decided that since we were already in that position that we would dance like that. I faced him again and kissed him. 

Magnus's P.O.V

His eyes wondered the room for a few moments before he faced me again. Suddenly, his lips were on mine. It was this moment I felt something like a spark. I felt a tug in my stomach, and I realized that he's going to be mine. I have to keep an eye on this one. I licked his lip and immediately he opened his mouth. I moaned into the kiss. It was like our mouths were made perfectly for each other. His hands traveled to my ass and in return I grinded up against him. The music picked up speed and or movements became faster. My fingers tangled through his hair and that's when the shots rang out.

Everyone on the dance floor screamed and began to run about in fear. I looked up and caught eyes with an angry Raphael. Jax lay dead only a few feet away. "Magnus let's go!" He faked a fearful voice and a worried face and I nodded. I turned back around and handed the guy I was dancing with a napkin with my number on it. "Get of here and be safe angel. Call me." I turned away a final time and ran.

Alec's P.O.V

 I clutched the napkin tightly in my hand and ran outside. Jace appeared seconds later. "Did I just hear gunshots inside?" Well I wonder what else it could have been you idiot. I pulled him into a hug and a few tears trickled down my face. "I was scared, I couldn't find you." Jace patted my back and took a shaky breath. "I'm glad you're okay man. Come on, let's get out of here." I walked with Jace back to my car and drove back to my apartment. 


a/n: first chapter yay! Also this isn't my best malec thing i've ever written but I do have another one out there just not on here. if you want to read another Malec fic of mine its on Wattpad my username is @JosieAbles and its called Let Me Help You (malec) so eeeee

also this is my first ever time on movellas so agh 


-MagnusLightwood a.k.a Josie a.k.a ViolentNoodle

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