A Zalfie Baby

Zoe and Alfie just found out that they are pregnant.
Zoe is so happy, but Alfie is not sure he is ready for such a big chance.

Zoe and Alfie have to tell their parents, their friends and most importantly, they have to tell all their fans and all of Youtube....


2. Intro

Zoe Ellisabeth Sugg

Age: 26

Status: Taken

Job: Youtuber 


Alfie Deyes

Age: 23

Status: Taken

Job: Youtuber 


Louise Pentland 

Age: 31 

Status: Single but dating 

Job: Youtuber 


Joe Graham Sugg

Age: 25 

Status: Single

Job: Youtuber 


Liam Jones

Age: 24 

Status: It's complicated 

Job: waitress at Casalingo Brighton


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