A Zalfie Baby

Zoe and Alfie just found out that they are pregnant.
Zoe is so happy, but Alfie is not sure he is ready for such a big chance.

Zoe and Alfie have to tell their parents, their friends and most importantly, they have to tell all their fans and all of Youtube....


5. In love.

Zoë’s POV:


I love that Alfie finally is accepting this whole thing.


When I was 17 I fell in ‘love’ with this jerk called Jacob. I was full on convinced that we were going to move in together, get married and one day have children. He took my virginity and I really thought I loved him. It obviously did not end well. He cheated on me with my so-called best friend.

I know now that it wasn’t love.

I liked Jacob and I love Alfie. I really really love Alfie. I am so lucky that i get to wake up every morning with Alfie by my side. I know I love Alfie because whenever he kisses me, even just on my cheek, I get butterflies in my stomach, just like when we first started dating ages ago. Everyone always say that Alfie is lucky to have me, but I think I’m even luckier to have him.


We walk hand in hand in to the spare bedroom/future baby room.

“We are finally doing this! I am so exited!” I say to Alfie.

He look down at me and give me one of his rare side smiles he used to do when we first met.


How can it be possible to still love someone so much after so long? Maybe it’s just the hormones. But I don’t think so.  


Alfies POV:

I just realized now what a big jerk I have been to Zoë the last couple of weeks. I don’t know how I am going to make it up to her, but I have to. I don’t want to look back in the future and just remember me being rude to Zoë.


“Are we filming on your channel or mine?” Zoe asks me.

I have had this little plan in my head since last night. I know Zoë is going to absolutely love it.

“So I got this idea the other nigh!” I say.


The butterflies in my stomach are getting bigger and bigger now. Why am I nervous, when I know she is going to love the idea? Maybe there is a tiny part of me that is afraid that she would hate the idea.


“Uhh what is it?” She asks.

“So I was thinking, we have both been on YouTube for quite some time now, all our channels are absolutely huge, we are starting a new chapter of our life so why not also start a new chapter on YouTube?” I tease.


Zoë looks at me a bit confused. I laugh and carry on speaking to her.


“I know it’s maybe a crazy thought, but what If we start a new Zalfie channel? We can upload our video on there. We can make some vlogs together, a little like Shaytards and SacconeJoly.”


Oh god, I really hope she likes this Idea. I look out the window. The sun is setting so we will have to find some lights, so the video not gets dark.

I look at Zoë again, and now she is crying. I instantly panic.


“Oh gorgeous, please don’t cry, it was just a wild idea, we don’t have to do it if you don’t want to.”


She begins to laugh, and a huge weight gets lifted of my heart.

“I love the idea Alfie! And I love you!” She finally says. 

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