~The Sequel to 'Little British Girl~
- Decide which side your on -
Three and a half month after Luci kidnapped her birth father, Xander Moore, Elia and her friends are on the run. Both north and south are engulfed in complete and utter chaos, and the resistance and the rebellium are gaining power through an alliance. Both sides want them out of the way, and they have nowhere to be, nowhere where they belong. The four friends must choose a side, the alliance, or the government, a decision that will forever haunt them all.
Nothing is certain, nothing is safe, nothing is lucid.


30. Chapter 30

We spend days perfecting a plan, knowing all too well that we’ve only got one shot at escape. We come up with a flawless plot, then change it again to make it even better, not leaving anything to chance. If anything, it gives us something to do instead of just sitting around all day tired and bored. The most important thing is perfecting their paranoia, if just one of us fails to keep a straight and honest face they’ll catch on and this will all be over. We have to make them feel in control, manipulating their decisions without them realising. It won’t be easy. Elda’s been doing this a lot longer than the rest of us, and Luci’s a genius, even if she is insane...neither one of them will act without fully analysing all of their options.

We’d agreed to let Annabeth and Max take the lead, they’re the most experienced out of the four of us, they’ve even received interrogation training from the resistance. Daniel’s a soft cop and I’m a journalist, we’re nowhere near as prepared for this as they are. All we have to do is play innocent, not speaking, reacting as if we’re surprised by everything they do. Annabeth will focus on Elda, Max on Luci, and hopefully we’ll get the outcome we long for.

...and now the dreadful day has come.

We all sit patiently, waiting for our second feeding of the day, knowing that this is the all-important one, the one in which we’ll try to escape. I tilt my head to the right, looking towards Daniel, sighing. He looks so limp, so lifeless, spread out across the chair with his eyes forced closed from sheer exhaustion. We’re so close now Daniel, I think as if he can hear my thoughts, As soon as we leave this building I’ll run away with you. We’ll settle down somewhere quiet and we won’t look back once, I promise. I feel a twang of guilt at the thought of abandoning Annabeth and Max, but if this plan proves anything it’s that they’re the most valuable members of the team, they’ll be just fine without us. Besides, I feel happy butterflies in my stomach every single time I think about a life alone with Daniel, don’t I deserve to do what makes me happy?

“Alright, alright, it’s time for dinner.” Luci strides into the room, grinning, chucking her backpack down on the floor and behind over to retrieve the contents. Elda stands a few feet behind her, leaning against the open doorway, standing guard. I turn to my left, and watch as Annabeth and Max exchange the ‘it’s time’ look, ready to begin.

“Which one of you is the clumsy one who was dropping everything this morning?” Annabeth keeps her tone casual and agitated, with a few tired tones leaking in, ensuring her voice sounds exactly how they’d expect it to. “We mostly just sleep all day in here and with you too around we can’t even do that.”

“What are you on about?” Luci’s eyebrows crease as she straightens her back, her anxieties already beginning to creep in, “Neither one of us dropped anything.”

“Then what were those loud banging noises we heard?” Max cuts in, corroborating Annabeth’s lies, “It sounded like you’d dropped a wardrobe on the floor.”

We didn’t drop anything,” Elda stresses, as if she’s offended by the accusation, “You must be hearing things. None of you are exactly energised and healthy at the moment.”

“I couldn’t have said it better myself,” Luci stands up, granola bars in hand, all hints of fear wiped from her voice, her face unreadable, “Now let’s get this over with.”

She feeds us all and leaves, seeming to be unaffected by Annabeth’s words. I’d kick myself if I could actually move my legs.

“Well that was a bust.” Daniel clearly shares my none-existent optimism, “They didn’t seem even a bit concerned.”

“What are you talking about? It worked like a charm.” Annabeth argues, leaning forward in her seat to look at her cousin from across the room.

“Annabeth, they didn’t even blink.” Daniel reminds her, failing to see her line of reasoning.

“Of course they didn’t,” she nods, “Why would they? If they’re stressing out they don’t want us to know about it. They hid their panic the same way we hid our tricks. Right now they’re probably checking on all the places they’ve got people held. Trust me, we got to them.”

“But if they’re checking all the cells then they’ll see that nobody’s escaped, they’re realise that we’re playing them. Surely that’s a bad thing?” I check, confused.

“We didn’t want them to think someone had escaped, we wanted them to think someone had tried to escape. Now they’ll try to increase their security and take on too much, the next time we bring it up they won’t have time to check, they’ll just take us and run.” Annabeth explains, spelling it out for us. “This has to be a slow process, if it goes to quickly they’ll get suspicious.” I sit back, taking a moment to think about it all...I guess it does sort of make sense. I just didn’t think we’d have to be stuck in this room much longer, or rather, I hoped we wouldn’t be. I suppose from this moment onwards it’s a waiting game.


We wait an hour, then another, then another again, but Luci and Elda don’t return. Before I know it it’s dark outside as nightfall comes, and we all sink a little with the realisation that we’ll have to wait another day for our escape. Max, Daniel, and Annabeth all fall asleep with ease, undoubtedly exhausted from being held prisoner on a diet of dried oats and lukewarm water. At the start none of us really slept much, but by this point we’re all so tired that we don’t even notice how uncomfortable these chairs are. Tonight, however, my eyes remain open and unclosing, my mind to nervous and worried to rest. I promise of freedom and the threat of losing it swirl around inside my stomach, as my mind wonders about all the possible things that could go right or wrong. I can hear the distant sound of a powerful wind from outside, puppeting the trees and howling at the moon, it must be strong if I can hear it from all the way in here. A small shard of amber light peaks through the ceiling as sunrise approaches, the night creeping away. A couple of hours later Annabeth wakes up, Max and Daniel doing the same not long after.

“Just you wait…” Annabeth assures us, “Today’s the day we get out of here.”

I hope she’s right, I’m not sure how many more nights I can stand in this room. It feels like I’ve spent a lifetime here already, tied to a chair like a caged animal, like a pet, or a toy.

“Where will we go when we get out?” Max suddenly asks, thinking up a new dilemma, “We can’t go back to Steve Ryan’s house, Elda knows where he lives, we’ll only get ourselves caught again and put Elia’s father in danger.”

“And Luci knows where we hid out before, in that barn.” Annabeth adds, grimacing, “We’ll have to find somewhere new.” There’s a long, thoughtful silence after that as we all stare down at our toes and think, trying to come up with a viable solution. If we can’t figure out where to run to, maybe we’ll have to stay here a little longer.

“Maybe...well- maybe we, we should, you know, split up?” Daniel whispers from the corner of the room, wording his suggestion cautiously, knowing it won’t sit well with Annabeth or Max.

“What? That’s crazy! We’re stronger together, apart we’d all make some silly mistake and end up right back here. We can’t split up, we need each other.” Annabeth argues, yelling out across the room at her cousin, appalled at the idea.

“Listen, Annabeth, it will be easier to start up new inconspicuous lives separately, think about it tactically-”

I am! Annabeth shouts, “We’ve all got our own little flaws that get minimised when we’re together. If we split up our weaknesses will get us all killed.” Daniel doesn’t reply, he looks away, needing a moment to think about how best to carry on the conversation. After a minute Annabeth get’s tired of waiting for a reply. “Do you want to? Is that it? Do you want to run off on your own into the sunset? Are you just sick of the rest of us?”

No!” Daniel cries out, his tone firm and certain, “You guys mean the world to me but- but maybe we all need fresh starts. New lives, you know, somewhere far away from here-”

“So you’re just fine with splitting us all up, never to see one another again-” Annabeth doesn’t make it to the end of her sentence, her voice breaking off as tears begin to brim in the corners of her eyes, her emotions catching up with her as her anger melts, turning into a bitter sadness. Daniel sighs, Annabeth’s tears sparking guilt inside him.

“The thought of never seeing you again kills me inside, trust me, but I can’t deny that it’s our best option. And if it comes down to saying goodbye and knowing that you’ll live a free and happy life, or staying with you and watching as you get taken prisoner, perhaps even tortured and killed...then, well, there isn’t much of a choice there, right?” Daniel explains, his voice soothing and calm, with just the slightest hint of pain managing to leak into his voice. “I’d rather you were alive and away, or close and hurt.”

“I don’t know Daniel…” Annabeth shakes her head, still not convinced, “It just feels like- like we’re letting them win, you know? If we split up then they’ve won, and...and I don’t want them to win.”

“Annabeth, me and Daniel, we- we were going to run away after the meet up back in California, we were going to start up normal lives together somewhere new.” I confess, coming to Daniel’s defense. I see her face crumble at the sheer thought of such a thing, we’re her team, and we’re threatening to leave. “I’m sorry Annabeth but- but don’t we deserve that? A normal life? A life where we’re not going on mission after mission, constantly looking over our backs? I woke up in an alleyway with a headache it’s not like I signed up for this-”

If you hated it so much then why didn’t you leave sooner!?” She yells, cutting me off. I think her reaction shocks the both of us, because neither of us speak again after that. We just sit in silence, the unsolved matter looming over us like a storm-cloud. Half an hour or so later Annabeth clears her throat, getting ready to speak again.

“Listen, Elia I’m sorr-” She doesn’t make it to the end of her apology, because the sound of erupting gunfire cuts her off mid-sentence.

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