Crime Vs. Crime

What happens Friday night at a bar? Well if you are 17 years old and at a bar, then you should just turn around. Because we didn't. We were being stupid, and that got us in this stupid mess. So what happens at the bar stays at the bar. If you tell, then you better run. That was another mistake that we made. And now we are on the run. This is a silly game they have us in. Crime Vs. Crime.


1. The Gang

When you have three stupid people as your friends, you know at some points you are gonna get into trouble. That I knew I had coming. This is what happens when you fallow your friends though. 


Although my friends don't seem like the ones to get into trouble, they are still on the wild side. Emma Brady is the only other girl in the group, not counting me. Her long blonde hair with black highlights says it all. Yes, she is a bit of a drama queen, but she can't help it. Her skin in a perfect tan color and her eyes are sky blue. She, depending on the day, wears to much makeup. Her clothing isn't slutty, but it's not normal either. She is my best friend. 


James Conner is a little out there. He seems really smart, and to Emma looks hot too, but he doesn't have a brain. Yes I know that is a little rude but it is true. He has honey golden hair and dark blue eyes. And most of the time a smile that could make any girl faint. He plays football and basketball, but his grades are not good. He is like a brother to me, which I don't know if that is a good or bad thing. 


Kyle Smith is the biggest nerd I know. He is the smartest one. He has ashy black hair and gray eyes. His skin is pale, because he never sees the sun. He studies too much. He wears black rimmed glasses, but other then those, he looks like every other jokey boy out there. To my surprise he is well built. He, well I don't really know what he is to me. He has to be something right? 


Then there is me, Mia Jones. The girl no one really suspects of doing anything insane. My long brown wavy hair always up in a pony tail and my hazel eyes always hiding under bangs. Dark black makeup covers the rims of my eyes, and my pale skin making it pop. I was short for my age, but that just means I am fun sized. Right?


Well anyway, that is the gang. You were probably thinking we were something more, well I hate to break it to you, but were aren't. We are just average 17 year old, that was at the wrong place, at the wrong time. 

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