The Unknown

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8. The Secrets Out

Pain shot threw my head as soon as my eyes opened. Hungover. Great. I had the strangest dream. I kissed Lewis. I rolled my eyes at yet another one of my fantasy dreams and remembered the party. What the hell happened last night? I questioned myself.
Too lazy to get out of bed I lay there for a few minutes trying to process what I could remember.
I remember when I started drinking and finding Oscar with Cody. Then Lewis joined us and Oscar went off somewhere. Then by my fifth drink things started to get blurry.
I remember someone carrying me. That must've been how I got back here.
I sat up in bed my head feeling heavy as ever. I reached for my phone on the side of my bed and messaged Dave to see if he wanted to hang out today.
Getting up I walked zombie past Oscars bedroom catching sight of him flung across his bed snoring loudly. He must of had a lot to drink too.
Like brother like sister I muffled a laugh.
I made my way downstairs not bothering to get dressed seeing as Dave hadn't replied. I went to make breakfast.
"Good Morning" a voice scared me from behind. I jumped spilling cereal on the floor.
"Jesus Christ Lewis you scared the shit outta me"
He laughed at me and smirked "Sorry"
Lewis had slept over because he knew his mom wouldn't let him go to a party so he used the excuse of he's sleeping over at Oscar's.
He helped me clean up the cereal from the floor and I could see in the corner of my eye he was staring at me.
"What" I asked looking at him
"Nothing you just... You have a cheerio in your hair" he reached over to get it out. We both laughed.
"That was your fault" I smirked at him. He looked offended.
"I'm just messing, do you want some?" I gestured to the Cheerios. He nodded.
While I was making us breakfast Lewis just stood there staring at me once again. I was starting to get shy, me standing there in my pjs with messy hair and my crush just watching me. Ping. My phone went off and I was hoping it was Dave. But it wasn't. It was Cody.

Rosieeeeeee :P

Codieeeeeee :D

Haha, Wuu2?

Breakfast, you?

Nothing :( Everybody ignoring me because party hit them hard.

Well do you want hang out because Dave not answering me back either.

YES! Thank you Rose :)

It's all good :)

I finished eating my breakfast when I realised Lewis was still looking at me from across the table.
"Who was that" he asked
"Cody" I smiled
"Oh" he looked down.
"Have you heard from Dave?"
He shook his head.
"Well me and Cody are going to hang out today if you want to come"
For some reason there was an awkward vibe between me and Lewis this morning. I just didn't know what it was.
I messaged Cody letting him know and he said it was cool.
Oscar walked into the kitchen.
"Morning sleepy head"
He grunted at me while filling a glass of water and downing it.
"We're going to the park if you wanted to join" I asked him.
"No my headache is killing me, me and my bed are best friends today... But hope you guys have fun" he smirked at me going back upstairs.

A while after me and Lewis had met up with Cody and made it too the park. I learned that I was dancing pretty crazy by the end of the night and clinging onto people. I covered my face in embarrassment.
"It was cute" Cody laughed at me.
"Wait how do you not remember?" Cody asked me. "How much did you drink?"
"I don't know, 5 beers or so" I shrugged
"Lightweight" I shoved his shoulder "I am not" they laughed at me. "Wait does that mean you don't remember when you and Lewis-" Lewis tackled him to the ground cutting him off. "She doesn't need to know about that" Lewis tried to stop Cody. "Why, it's kinda obvious you both like each other."
We fell silent and I looked between the two and felt my face going red.
"I mean ever since we all met, you two had always acted differently around each other" Cody stated. "I'm guessing I just made things awkward, I'll let you guys talk" He turned and walked over to the smoking area leaving me and Lewis by the swings. The park was empty and the sky was grey and cloudy. It made Lewis's Blue eyes stand out more.
We sat on the swings slowly swaying as we stayed quiet for a while.
"Soooo... What did we do at the party?" I turned to Lewis.
"We kissed"
"Yeah" he shuffled his feet awkwardly.
"I thought that was a dream" I smiled at him as his face lit up.
"So you remember it"
I nodded blushing again. I need to stop doing that.
"He's right you know" Lewis blurted out.
"Right about what"
"I've always been different when you're around"
"Me too" I smiled.
"Do you want me to push you?"
"No" I smirked "I can swing myself Lewis, I'm not a child"
"Oh really says the one who was hanging from me like a necklace and I needed to carry home" he laughed at me. "Shut Up Lewis" he carried on laughing. "I bet I can go higher than you" I started swinging. "You wish" we started to swing higher trying to beat each other. "I dare you to jump" he said.
"Only if you do"
"On three"
"1.. 2 .. 3" we leaped forward and landed on the grass laughing.
"I won" he said out of breath
"I say it was a draw"
"Fine but I jumped further"
"No you didn't that's just because you're tall"
"Aww little shorty doesn't like it"
"Shut up"
We smiled at eachother when we heard shouting in the distance. I lifted my head to see Cameron, Mason and another dude running into the woods. I stood up and furrowed my eyebrows.
"I wonder where they're going" i said thinking out loud. Lewis stood up looking over at them too.
"I'm going to find out" I laughed and started running towards them.
"Wait, Rose!"
"Catch me if you can"
I got to the trees and ran through them Lewis following not far behind.
We slowed down when we caught glimpse of Cameron through the trees. He was arguing with someone. I pulled Lewis to the side and we hid behind a bush peering through. Cody appeared by our side and I shushed them. We looked to see what was going on.
"Dude calm down it's nothing" Scott was there. I acknowledge who else was. Casey, Mason, Cameron and a few guys I didn't know.
"Nothing!" Cameron raged. Then right before my eyes, something I never thought I'd see happened. Cameron and Scott phased into two huge wolves and starting attacking each other. I gasped. I knew Cody and Lewis were shocked too. I was speechless. Lewis was tugging at my arm pulling me away. I shook myself from my disbelief and started running out the woods with Lewis and Cody looking behind at where we'd just come from. Thoughts were racing through my mind as I puzzled everything together. Scott and his dramatic change, Dave and his ignoring me. It all made sense now.
We raced back to my house to tell Oscar.
"OSCAR!" I shouted. No answer... We all ran up stairs breathless and found him in bed. "Oscar! Oscar!" I shook him awake. "what, what I'm awake"
"Oscar we just saw two huge wolves" "What the hell Rose"
"Except they weren't wolves" Cody added. "They were bigger and one of them was Scott" Lewis pointed out.
Oscar looked at us like we were crazy. "I'm sorry what?"
"Wolves Oscar, Scott turned into a wolf!" I told him
"Okay Cody what have you been smoking and why did you give it to my sister"
"I haven't, well I have, but I didn't give her any"
"It's true Oscar" I said
"You're telling me Scott is a wolf" we all nodded
"And the guys that hang around with Casey, they were all there"
"Okay, I don't believe you but what happened"
"We didn't stay to see the end but they were having an argument and then started fighting... As wolves"
Oscar stared at me still thinking I was crazy.
"Is this a prank" he questioned
"Here look I took a quick picture" Cody showed Oscar his phone.
"Holy Shit"
"See we're telling the truth"
"What should we do?" Lewis asked
"What do you mean, you just saw what nobody knows is real" Oscar ran his hand through his hair still looking at the photo.
"I'm going to phone Dave, he needs to know about Scott" I left the room to call him, he better pick up.
"Dave! Nice of you to answer me finally! Why have you been avoiding me"
"I haven't"
"Yeah right don't lie to me! I need you to come over, like now!"
"Why what's wrong"
"Dave no questions just get your ass here Now!"
"Rose.. I can't"
"What do you mean you can't, you're my best friend Dave you're supposed to be here for me"
"Can't it wait?"
"No Dave it can't!"
"Oh My God Dave! I think I know what's happened to Scott! I just saw him turn into this giant wolf! Do you not see why I need you! Can you just hurry up and get your ass over here"
"Scott is a wolf Dave! I saw it with my own two eyes in the woods"
"What were you doing in the woods"
"T-that doesn't matter, can you just come over please"
"Have you told anybody else?"
"Lewis and Cody were with me and we just told Oscar... hello... Hello?" he hung up on me. What the hell is wrong with him! He better be on his way here.
After a few minutes I got a call back from him.
"Rose!" He cut me off "Come meet me at the park, bring the boys with you"
"Okay why?" I questioned but he hung up again. I told the boys and we made our way down to the park.
We saw Dave waiting by the edge of the woods for us.

"Hey" I said when we reached him.

"Hey" he replied.

"Why'd you ask us to meet you here?" I asked

"Because I need to show you the way"

Me and boys exchanged confusing and worried looks as he turned without another word for us to follow him.

"Wait, how far are we going in?... guys?" Oscar asked but got no reply.

We were all walking in awkward silence with the crunching of leaves under our feet. We reached a clearing in the middle of the forest and there stood a house.

We all followed Dave inside to be greeted with Scott, Tyler, Casey and her boys all turning to look at us.

"You must be Rose, I'm Sam" the older guy said to me. I looked around the room scared and unsure what to do when Casey started laughing.

"What's this about?" Oscar spoke up.

"You saw something you shouldn't have" Sam replied.

"I'll delete the picture, we wont say anything" Cody's voice trembled making them laugh at him.

"You took a picture?" Cameron smirked.

"This is more serious than a stupid picture" Casey spat.

"Since you've found what we are, you have to promise not to tell anyone... otherwise you'll face consequences that you'll regret." Sam warned.

"We promise we won't say anything" Oscar reassured.

"Good" Sam said heading towards the door. "Play nice boys" he added before leaving.

Everyone broke into there own conversation while me and my bro went up to Tyler.

"Hey Ty" I said.

"Hey" he smiled lightly

"How long have you known"

"My whole life, you just met my Dad"

My eyes went wide. "Wait that was your Dad" He nodded.

"Does that mean you're like them?" I asked

"No" he said disappointed.

"How does that work?" I looked at him confused.

"How does what work?" Casey joined us.

"How do you become a wolf?"

"Well if you're lucky enough you get the gene, but as for Ty he didn't" she explained.

"Do you have it?"

"I don't know yet but I hope I do" she said "anyway shall I introduce you to this lot" I nodded.

She took us over to them. "This is Cameron my boyfriend, that's Josh and Nathan" She pointed to a muscular guy and another dude who was smirking at me. " over there is Flynn" a weird looking guy stood stuffing his face with a cupcake waving at us. "Mason and Lily, they're brother and sister" I looked over at the guy I met at the party and smiled as I saw his sister roll her eyes. "Last but not least this is Dan" I looked at a curly haired boy. "Hi I'm Dan Nelson" he held out his hand making me and my bro laugh.

"What the Karate Kid?" I asked while we were still laughing. Oscar started pretending to do karate moves "Daniel son, you are doing it all wrong" I joined in.

We were all laughing when an unfamiliar lady walked in.

"Hey mom" Casey said.

"Hey sweetie" the lady replied.

"Meet my new friends" Casey said but was interrupted by Ty "My friends actually"

"Rose, Oscar, Lewis, Cody"

"Hello, I'm Emily" she said sweetly.

Everyone made their way outside as Emily unpacked her shopping.

When I got outside, Mason walked up to me.

"Hey, remember me?" he asked

"How could I forget, my herooo" I laughed making him smile.

"Yeah guess you could call me that" he smiled at the floor. He was so cute. I looked around at the new guys I'd just met when I noticed they all had the same tribal tattoo.

"Do you want to go for a walk?" Mason asked me. I nodded while we turned and walked off together in the woods.

We waited until we were further away from the house before we started talking.

"So... you have a sister" I asked him as we walked side by side.

"Yeah... I don't like her" he said making me laugh. "no hesitation there"

"What its the truth" we laughed. "Just because she's older, she thinks she can boss me around."

"All older siblings are like that" I told him

"Do you have any?"

"Oscar, he's not as bad though. We get on pretty well"

"Wish I had that"

We carried on walking for a while when we reached a stream. Mason helped me across by stepping on some rocks. I was almost on the other side when I slipped but Mason grabbed me just on time. "I got you" he said pulling me up too him safely on the other side.

"Thank you" I smiled.

"My pleasure"

"My Hero" we laughed. We carried on walking when I thought I'd ask him about being a wolf.

"So what's it like... being a wolf?"

"It was its ups and downs" he replied

"What's the best part" I smiled at him interested.

"Our senses are heightened" he smirked at me.

"What do you mean?"

"Like my reflexes, sight, scent and my hearing"

"How powerful is it?"

"Lets just say I can still hear everyone back at the house"

"Really! That's so cool"

"Yeah... but then you have the bad side" he trailed off

"Which is"



"But don't worry, I promise ill never get angry at you" he smiled at me.

"Can I see?" we stopped walking. "Can I see your wolf?"

He hesitated while thinking about it.

"Are you sure you want too?" he asked. I nodded smiling. He looked around before grabbing the back of his shirt pulling it over his head. His tanned skin showing while I noticed he had abs. I tried not to stare but it was almost impossible.

"Hope you don't mind" he said awkwardly smiling. I shook my head thinking are you kidding me.

He took everything off except his underwear and hid it behind a tree for him to get dressed behind after.

"You ready?"


He moved a safe distance back and smiled at me before phasing into his wolf.

It happened so fast that within a blink Mason was now a wolf. His fur was a sandy colour and his wolf size not as huge as the ones I'd seen before. He walked towards me and I saw that he had the same golden brown eyes reminding me of the autumn leaves. Bowing his head my hand reached forward to stroke his fur. I smiled at him as I thought of how beautiful he was. I watched as he walked on all fours behind the trees where he hid his clothes. Soon after Mason stumbled out putting his shirt back on.

"That was amazing" we smiled at each other. He was readjusting his clothes when I moved closer and placed my hand on his arm admiring the tattoo.

"It's our packs symbol" he smiled down at me.

"So if your part of Sam's pack you have to get it"


A blast of cold air travelled through the trees making me shiver.

"Are you cold" his face changed to a more concerned look. I nodded when he pulled me into him for a hug. His heat radiated from him.

"Another wolf thing, how temperature level is always high"

I smiled into his chest as I felt myself warming up.

"Come on lets start heading back, I know a shortcut" He kept his arm wrapped around me as we walked all the way back.

It didn't take long and it was starting to grow dark when Oscar was waiting for me to take me home. I said bye to Mason and went straight to bed when I got home. Today had been a long day and I was really tired. I fell to sleep to sound of a wolf howling. I didn't know if it was in my head or in real life but I didn't care. It had made me smile and I've been told when you find something that makes you happy, you should never let it go.


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