The Unknown

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5. Phasing

Dave's POV 


It was a full moon. The light was reflecting on the lake as I drove past into the woods. I hated driving through here. All spooky and dark. I'd never really been a fan of the dark.

I glanced at Scott in the passenger seat. He didn't look too good. He'd told me about how worried he was with what's going on. I was worried for him too. We genuinely don't know why he is doing it and the only words of reassurance I can give him is maybe it's just a weird coincidence. Like that's going to make anything better. I broke the eerie silence.

"You alright buddy" he grunted in response.

"We're nearly there, I'm guessing you just want to go straight to sleep" I waited for a reply. "Or I can cook you something up, yeah, use my mad skills" still no reply.

I left him too his thoughts. I told myself if it carried on, I would confront them. I'm not going to let anybody get my best friend feeling like this. Pulling into my driveway we got out the car. Him more slowly than me. I opened the door

"Home sweet home" I switched on the light and Scott held his head low walking in.

"Do you want a drink or anything?" He shook his head and started pulling his weight upstairs.

"Guess that means he's going to bed" I muttered under my breath.

I sorted everything downstairs before joining him upstairs. He was lying on my bed fast asleep. Exhausted is an understatement for what he seemed like.  I put a blanket over him and made a bed on the floor for me. Slowly drifting off to sleep hoping tomorrow would be better.




The sound of the front door woke me up. I rubbed my eyes open searching the room for light. Realising it was still night I rolled over to check on Scott. He wasn't there.  In a worry I got up to look for him.

"Scott" I whispered

"Scott... You there" I walked downstairs to see the front door wide open.

"Scott" I called again walking outside. He was standing there leaning against my car.

"Scott what are you doing out here"

"I d-don't feel too good" he looked faint at me.

 "Alright let's get you back inside, come on" I took hold of his shoulder and began trying to lead him in.

"No" he said.

"What you mean no, come on Scott, what good is standing out here going to do you" I tried again.


"Scott you need rest-"

"No what I need is for you to stop telling me what to do!" Scott turned to me, voice deep and growl like. His eyes wide awake as he walked towards me pushing me back with every word.

"Scott Scott just calm down okay, I'm just trying to help"

"Trying to help, when have you helped, all you do is create problem after problem. You think I'm your little puppet that just follows you around. No!" Scott growled from within.

"Scott calm down"

"No!" Scott started breathing deep his shoulders moving with every breath. I held back from touching him as every muscle in his body was tensed.

"Scott just let me help"

"Leave. Me. Alone!" Scott now didn't sound like Scott. He started growling like an animal and I was shook not knowing what was wrong with him.  I started hearing bones cracking and his body moved in an abnormal way. He screamed out in pain and fell to the floor still hearing his bones breaking. I looked over at him in disbelief. I could see his bones moving under his skin as he writhed in pain. I couldn't tear my eyes away. I wanted to help but my instinct told me to back away so I hid behind my car as I watched my childhood friend turn into something not human. Everything was now quiet. I peaked round the car to see what was happening and there stood a huge hairy beast like dog. His eyes staring straight at me as I held my breath. Torn clothes on the floor and the familiar face of my friend no where to be seen.

A crack in the distance made the beast turn, his ears perked up. Another crack making him run off into the woods. I raised up and without thinking followed.  He was fast but I could keep up as he kept running back and forth and changing directions. He was lost and didn't know where he was going. Every now and then he stopped and looked at me. Not in a threatening way this time. Just as Scott, with the same brown eyes he always had. It was definitely him. He cried as if asking for help. My eyes started to focus in the dark woods. He was a wolf. His brown fur catching the moonlight enough for me to see.

"Scott"  His ears twitched letting me know he could hear.

"Scott it's going to be alright"  I heard the cracking in the distance again and turned to search the darkness. Scott began running again as I saw something move.  I saw it follow and race after him so I ran to catch up. I was too slow to keep up. I heard the wolf cry and a thud. I ran faster. I came into an opening of the trees and hid behind a nearby stone as I took in the sight.

Scott's wolf was pressed to the ground by two other wolves. I saw another moving towards them. His black smoky fur camouflaged in the darkness. He was the leader. I shuffled to try get a better view but ended up making a noise. Shit.  The scary black wolf jolted his head towards me and I ducked too late. Before I knew it I was faced with another wolf standing behind me. He pushed me out into the field towards the others and pushed me to the floor. I lay there and watched as the Alpha turned to Scott. They seemed to be communicating as Scott settled and the two wolves let him up. Then right before my eyes Scott phased back to human. From the trees another two boys I recognised came out and threw some clothes at him.

"Put these on newbie" Scott dressed and the other patted his back.

"Welcome to the pack"  Scott smiled and looked over at me the others following his view.

"Look what the wolf dragged in" they said staring at me. The rest of the wolves moved into the trees and came back in human form. I took in who they were. Six guys stood in front of me. One of them Scott and four of them went to my school. The other was the older guy Scott must've been telling me about.

"Who are you" from my guessing he must of been the Alpha.
"I-I'm Dave" I stuttered making them laugh.
"He's my friend" Scott spoke up.
"Oh we know we heard your thoughts" one of the younger ones spoke.
"So seeing as you've seen things you weren't supposed to it looks like you're going to have to stay with us"
I shuddered at the thought and gulped. Nodding my head I stood up. My heart still beating fast and part of my mind telling me to run but the other side telling me to stay.
"We're not going to hurt you"
"Speak for yourself"
"Cameron!" Alpha glared at him.
"Scott as you have just seen is one of us now" he looked at me with serious angry face. "You can't tell anyone about this or us, we can't risk you telling anyone so you're staying with us"
I nodded as they all stared at me.
"We're going to have to walk because of this kid"
"What!? Are you kidding me"
"Shut up Flynn you lazy ass"
"Some of us need sleep you know"
"Hi, I'm Josh" the most muscular one came up to me as we followed on behind Alpha.
"That's Cameron, Nathan, Flynn and Sam our Alpha" I looked from face to face memorising them.
I walked closer to Scott as we approached a house in the middle of no where.
"This is our secret hideout where we hang" Josh said to us.
"Remember you two, no telling anybody else... That includes the guys you hang out with" Sam looked at me.
"Don't forget the chick" Nathan spoke up.
"What 'chick'"
"Her names Rose and I won't tell her.. I'll keep it quiet"
"Yeah you better or I'm going to bust your ass" Flynn joked with me but I knew he was being serious.
"Come on, let's get inside... We've got a long night ahead of us"
We obeyed Sam. I didn't know what I was going to do but for now I just wanted to get through the night. Without making a wrong move.


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