The Unknown

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6. Another School Day

Rose's POV

Ping, my phone went off on the side of my bed. I groaned and reached out for it in bed.

Not going to school today don't feel well.. Xx

Okay.. Will talk later :) x

Dave not going means Scott won't be going. Great. Now I have to create conversation with the band.
"Rose, Breakfast" Oscar shouted from downstairs.
"Coming!" I stumbled downstairs into the kitchen and sat at the table.
"What's wrong with miss grumpy pants" he laughed at me.
"I am not grumpy and Dave isn't going to school" I pouted at him.
"Doesn't matter you have me"
"Yay" I spoke sarcastically
"Ouch, okay then you have Lewis to talk to" He smirked at me.
I looked at him with my are you serious face. "Haha very funny"
The door knocked "speaking of"
I was confused and realised it must be him. "NO WHY IS HE HERE THIS EARLY OSCAR"
"I'm giving him a lift to school"
"IM NOT READY" I grabbed my toast and ran upstairs to hide hearing his giggles following behind me. How nice of him to tell me.
I got ready and sat in the back of the car watching them on the way to school. Oscar was looking at me through the mirror smirking as we say and listened to the radio. I shook my head at him.
We got to school and met up with Cody and Tyler. They were all talking about music so I was being nosey elsewhere. I spotted the boys Scott was telling me about. I noticed not all of them were there. They bell rang and I said see you later to the guys. Just want to get today over with before something else happens.


Lunch came slow. Boring lessons dragged and teachers constantly telling me to pay attention as my thoughts were else where.
I sat at the table alone waiting for the guys and messaging Dave.
"Hey Rose"
"Hi Tyler" he sat down
"You okay" he looked at me concerned.
"Yeah I was just thinking about Scott"
"Ooo why you got a crush" he laughed
"No" I furrowed my eyebrows making him stop laughing. "He told me something yesterday and I haven't heard from him since, Dave isn't answering my messages either"
He wore a guilty face "He's probably just sleeping, day off school that's what I'd be doing" I looked at him weirdly and just nodded as the rest of the boys came and sat down.
Oscar whispered something to Cody and they sat on the otherside of the table meaning Lewis had to sit by me. I looked at Oscar knowing what he'd done. "Yooo what you guys talking about"
Cody asked but Tyler bet me too it
"Nothing just Rose's crush"
"Oh I know about that" Oscar smirked at me. I got pissed off at them both and kicked Oscar under the table. "Ow! What was that for" Cody said. "Shit sorry" I saw Lewis looking at me in the corner of my eye so I turned and smiled at him. He was holding in his laugh.
"So who is it Rose" Cody wiggled his eyebrows at me.
"Do you want another kick" he held his hands up in surrender when Casey Tyler's sister came and sat with us.
"Hello Ty, how’s life?"
"What do you want Casey?" Tyler replied rolling his eyes.
"Oh sorry for wanting to know if my big brother okay” Casey said acting offended "But I guess if you don’t want to talk to me maybe Cody will" she added winking at Cody.
Casey changed the subject and turned to me.
"Soo isn't there usually another kid on here?"
"Two actually, Dave and Scott" I told her.
"Well where are they?" She asked me while I noticed Tyler getting agitated. "Had the day off, Dave messaged me saying he didn’t feel too good and when Dave doesn’t come Scott doesn't"
"Well let’s hope he feels better soon" I nodded and glanced back to Tyler as we all say there awkwardly.
Casey got up and said bye going back to her own table.
"I fucking hate her" Tyler cussed
"She seems alright to me" I told him.

End of the day came fast, there as no band practice because Tyler didn't want too so it was just me and Oscar in the house. I was doing my homework and decided to check my phone for the billionth time to see if Dave had messaged. He hadn't messaged me since this morning and it was annoying me.
I'd just got ready for bed when he finally did.

Hey Rosie :) sorry haven't spoken all day, was sleeping for most of it. x

Finally, dude you had me worried. Feeling better? x

Yeah I'll see you at school tomorrow x

Wait don't go, have you heard from Scott?

Yeah he's good x

Okay I'll see you tomorrow then x

Night x

Night x:)

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