A two bedroom apartment where only one room is ever actually used. Ivy Aldaine is a 16 year old girl that's used to only entertaining herself. Now that she's finally on summer break, she thought that she'd be able to finally breathe and relax. But with her mother traveling the world with her new boyfriend and her father is god-knows-where, she just can't seem to stop thinking. She's able to survive thanks to the money that her mom sends her every month, but she only buys groceries and go right back home. Ivy sticks to this routine no matter what and nothing ever happens. Who would have thought that a simple trip to the grocery store would be so...intriguing?


1. Vacation?

Chapter 1


"Bye!" "See you guys in the Fall!" "Later dudes!" And so on and so forth. Off in the distance behind me, I could hear all kinds of farewells. People were waving goodbye, while others were immersed in embraces with eyes filled with tears. I continued my lonely walk home while trying my best to ignore all of the emotional scenes around me.

I have absolutely no idea why everyone's getting all emotional about going on summer break. You'll see them later when you invite them over to your house and if not, they'll be back in August. Suck it up.

I continued my walk home, when I noticed this group of girls snickering and pointing at me.

"I hope that they're not talking about me!" I said in the most sarcastic dramatic voice possible. But I'm no idiot, so I know that I'm the topic of their conversation. The end of the school year just wouldn't be complete without someone talking shit about me...again.

Right before I made it to the corner of the street, the five girls had managed to surround me without me noticing it until it was too late. Let the smack talk begin.

"Sup Ivy?" Your going home already?" One girl with red hair said.

"Yeah. I thought that you would at least wait on your mom." Said the black haired girl.

"Oh come on ladies. You know that her mom's probably busy sucking the principal's dick again." The blond said while chewing her gum obnoxiously loud. The little clique erupted in laughter as I stood there staring at the ground. Just in case you're lost, a few months back, during a Parent Teacher Conference, my math teacher, Mr. Jamison, had to leave early.

As a fill in, my principal, Mr. Michael, stepped up to the plate. He and my mom hit it off and were going on dates before I knew it. One day, during a fake fire drill, my mom and Mr. Michael were caught having oral sex in the janitor's closet. He got fired and my mom's been banned from entering school grounds. Fortunately, I got to stay. Yay. Hence my sarcasm.

Anyways, they obviously stopped dating after that, but my mom moved on pretty fast. Now she's dating some trust fund guy who loves to travel the world. What can I say, she's a trooper.

As the girls continued to laugh, I attempted to push my way past Blondie. Her laughing instantly stopped when we made physical contact.

"Hey! Where the hell do you think you're going?!" She questioned pushing me back into the center. I slightly stumbled back, but didn't say a word. "We're only getting started." She said trying to sound threatening. The other girls laughed viciously as they surrounded me, but I wasn't scared at all.

I was already used to their little "Circle of Doom." They were bullying me before the mom incident and they're still bullying me now. If I'm gonna be anything, I'd have to be annoyed.

"I just want to go home, Vanessa." I said finally looking up. She scoffed at me as if I had just insulted her mom. Oh wait, that was her who insulted MY mom. My mistake.

"I don't give a fuck WHAT you want to do. I want to talk more." She said dragging out the "I." They all shared mean amused smirks with each other waiting on their leader, Blondie here, to make the next move. Usually, I'd sit here and dish out whatever they throw at me, but I must be feeling ballsy today because I want to fuck Vanessa up.

Before I could catch myself, I had already let my book bag drop to the ground and I lunged myself at the blond bimbo in front of me. "You bitch!" I hollered at her just as my fist connected with her face. We quickly fell to the ground with me on top, but Vanessa's minions retorted just as fast.

The red head kicked me off of Blondie and they all quickly began to stomp on me everywhere. And when I say everywhere, I mean EVERYWHERE. Face included. One kick to the nose was enough for me to instinctively pull myself into fetal position. I may not be all that, but my face is all that I have to offer to the world. I can't let that get messed up.

"Hey! What the hell is going on over there?!" Hollered a familiar stern voice.

"Shit! Here comes Officer Howard. You got lucky this time bitch. But the next time you take a cheap shot like that, you'll be feeling something worse than just a kick to the face." Vanessa said before giving me one last good kick to the stomach. I hunched over in even more pain as the sound of multiple footsteps ran in the opposite direction of our school's security guard, Officer Howard. I began to slowly pick myself up right as Officer Howard had made it to the scene.

"Are you okay, Aldaine? Why were those girls hurting you?" He asked me as he helped me to my feet. Thanks to that power kick from that blond tramp, I was in too much pain to stand up straight right away; not that the rest of my body wasn't also in pain. Still, being able to get a shot at Vanessa's "perfect face" was absolutely worth it.

After attempting to stand up, I began to fall back down to my knees, but I was quickly caught by the strong sturdy arms of Mr. Howard. Now, I am by no means attracted to Officer Howard, but the man's buff! I've GOTTA give him credit for that. He picked me up and held me in his arms so that I didn't have to strain myself by trying to stand up.

"Talk to me, Aldaine. What happened?" I shook my head and decided to keep it to myself.

"It was just a typical case of kid versus bully. No big deal." He gave me an unsettling look before letting out a sigh.

"Fine. I'll buy it for now, but I'm taking you home." He said while also picking up my backpack. I didn't argue with him, I just let him put me in the backseat of his police car and drive me home. We arrived at my apartment building and my mom's black Jeep rested right out in front. She must be home. I limped my way out of the car and turned around to say goodbye.

"Thank you Mr. Howard." I said once I was out of the car. He stuck his head out of the window and shot me a concerned look.

"Be careful, alright? Make sure you ice those bruises and tell your mom if you need to go to the hospital or not." I nodded in understanding before he waved at me and drove away. I turned around and entered the building heading right for door 306. After limping in and out of the elevator, I had finally made it to the mahogany door that was the entrance to my little humble abode. As I reached for my keys in my pocket, I couldn't help but think about today's events.

Today was one hell of a day. I finished my sophomore year of high school, got jumped by a bunch of skanks, and was driven home by a muscular police officer. Great. What else is in stored for me? I opened the door only to be welcomed by the familiar smell of cigarettes. Oddly, no one was here.

"I smell her, but I don't see her." I said after closing and locking the door behind me. "Mom! I'm home! That hunky police officer that you like dropped me off today!" I said as I walked over to the couch and slowly sat myself down. I looked down at my mom's ashtray and noticed in the pile of used cigarettes was a recently used one right on top. That explains the smell. She never dumps this thing. I picked up the ashtray to dump the overwhelming smell into the trash, when I noticed a small note lying right under it.

"What's this?" I picked up the note and instantly got pissed as I read it.


"Hey Ivy baby!

              I'll be back in a few months! Jessie's taking me on a vacation with him! We don't have an exact location, but we'll be gone for a while. We'll send you plenty of money every month and the keys to the Jeep is in the fridge behind the milk! I think that's where I left them. Anyways, I'll see you in a few months kiddo! Love you doll!

                                                                                                                                                    - Your Awesome Mom"



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