A two bedroom apartment where only one room is ever actually used. Ivy Aldaine is a 16 year old girl that's used to only entertaining herself. Now that she's finally on summer break, she thought that she'd be able to finally breathe and relax. But with her mother traveling the world with her new boyfriend and her father is god-knows-where, she just can't seem to stop thinking. She's able to survive thanks to the money that her mom sends her every month, but she only buys groceries and go right back home. Ivy sticks to this routine no matter what and nothing ever happens. Who would have thought that a simple trip to the grocery store would be so...intriguing?


2. Money?

Chapter 2


Mom's been gone for about 4 days now. She called me ONCE and when she did call, she was too busy ordering a drink and socializing with her bar buddies to even acknowledge me. After just holding the phone up to my ear for about 15 minutes or so, she had finally decided to call me back later. That was two days ago. Thank goodness I have an "awesome mom." I sighed heavily while throwing my head back over our orange couch. I've been sitting here since six this morning just watching whatever comes on. It is now 4:33 P.M.

I miss mom being here. I know that all of my sarcasm and complaining may have been misleading, but my mom actually IS pretty cool. Just like any other mom, she's supportive, caring, loving, and dependable. But she's also like my badass best friend. Sometimes, she sneaks me out of school and she talks me into doing stupid silly things with her in stores. She's awesome! But once she starts to date, we don't do those things very often. As her daughter, I want her to be happy and loved. But as her friend, I want her all to myself... A sudden knock was made at the front door that caused me to jolt out of my thoughts.

"Ivy dear?! Are you in there?!" Mrs. Patterson? I hurried over to the door and was greeted by a sweet smile and gentle wave from the nice old lady down the hall. She's actually a friend of my grandmother.

"Hi Mrs. Patterson how are you today?" I asked politely. She lightly giggled at my question.

"I'm fine honey. Thank you for asking. Ivy, have I ever told you that you remind me of my 11 year old granddaughter? She's just so precious." She said while also patting me on the head.

Okay! So let me give you a little bit of a run down on a few things. One, I'm only 5 foot even; just like her granddaughter. Two, I'm also a long haired brunette; just like her granddaughter. Lastly, she THINKS that she's polite like I am. I babysat that brat before and she's far from precious. Unlike that little girl, I keep my rude comments in my head. So to answer your question, Mrs. Patterson, yes. You have told me this before.

I awkwardly chuckled while slowly backing away from her to stop the uncomfortable rubbing. Getting the picture, like always, she continued to giggled but removed her hand back to her side.

"Anyways, Mrs. Patterson, my mom actually isn't here right now. She's-" Just like normal, she cut me off and budded in with her own comment. Mrs. Patterson is sweet, but she has a really bad habit of cutting people off. A typical conversation between her and her husband sounds like an argument.

"Oh yeah! That's right. Your mother sent this to me." She showed me a a manila envelope. "It had a note on it that said to give it to you immediately. She also said that I'd get one of these every month for you. Since she's out on business, I'm assuming that this is money." Is that what she told people? That she's on a business trip? If kicking your feet up whilst relaxing on the beach with your boyfriend is what you'd call a business trip, then yes. She's busy on a business trip.

We shared a smile as I took the envelope out of her hands.

"Thank you for delivering this to me, Mrs. Patterson. I'll be sure to call my mother to let her know that I've received this envelope safely."

"Okay dear. Tell her I said hello when you call her. Let me know if you need anything okay?" She said whilst walking away.

"Yes ma'am I will. See you later Mrs. Patterson." I closed and locked the door before returning back to my original seat on the couch. How much did she send me anyways? I opened the envelope and almost screamed from seeing the two stacks of cash in there. I pulled out a stack to count it and couldn't believe the amount.

"One thousand fucking dollars?!" I exclaimed, but not too loudly. "That mean's she sent me fucking $2,000 total. How long is she going to be gone anyway?!" I asked whilst pulling out the second stack to confirm my theory. Just as I pulled out the other stack, a little note fell from the envelope onto the floor. I quickly put the money back before retrieving the note off the ground.


"Dear Ivy,

             As you can tell, I've sent you $2,000. DON'T GET CRAZY. I just sent you some money for bills, food, and for a little bit of pleasure. There's extra just in case there's an emergency. I want you to know that I'm not abandoning you. I know that you don't always do well when you're alone, but I want you to be able to branch off from me so that you can learn to be happy with or without me. I'm ALWAYS just a phone call away and if you need me to come home, then I'll be on the first flight back. Just know that I love you honey and I'll never put anyone before you. Don't get too wild without me though! c;

                                                                                                                                                 - Your Bestie, Mom"

I know the note was very heartfelt and sweet, but she kind of killed it when she called herself my "bestie" like that. I giggled to myself at her lame line while also quickly wiping away a stray tear. I tucked the note in my pocket before taking $200 dollars and putting the money back in the envelope. I should DEFINITELY put this money away somewhere.

I walked down the short hallway and entered the room to the left which was my room. My bedroom isn't anything to gawk at. I have plain white walls with a purple accent wall. Along side this wall is my bed that's covered with a gray bedspread. Even though I'm 16, I have a teddy bear on my bed the same size as me. Don't judge me!...Felix is my cuddle buddy. Hanging over my dresser, which is located against the first wall that you see when you enter, is a star mirror and behind that mirror is a shelf. That'll be the perfect place to stash this.

While placing the money in my "secret place," I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I was wearing my navy blue Pink sweats and had my hair in a fishtail braid. Aaaaand I'm depressed by how horrible I look right now. Now I need some chocolate chip ice cream.

I went to the fridge and searched behind the milk and what do you know?! The keys were right where mom said they'd be. I placed the cold set of car keys in my pocket before leaving to go to the store to get my delicious yet comforting dairy dessert.

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