Shutter || Harry Styles AU

Elle Acerman is one of very few female paparazzi’s in L.A. Harry Styles is a world famous musician. When she sets her sights on him, she can’t help but develop a massive crush on him. He’s tall, dark and handsome, and a genuinely nice guy. When Elle’s agent pressures her into getting a story out of Harry Styles or leaving him alone for good, Elle works up the nerve to ask him what everyone in the world wants to know – is he gay? Not long after, the two begin a secret affair, but nothing in Hollywood stays secret for long. When some racy photos of them leak to the media, Harry and Elle are left questioning each other. How well do they really know one another? In the end, will they be able to survive a sex scandal?


6. 06

Suddenly every paparazzi Elle ever knew, that she was ever acquainted with was trying to hit her up for a story. They all saw Lorenzo’s photos of her and Harry’s heated conversation outside of the club, and the shining proof that something was sure to be going on with them when Harry jumped in the cab with her. And they all wanted answers. Elle was starting to feel like a pariah. Charlie told her it would die down eventually, but she was beginning to find it hard even going out to do her job with her colleagues all turning on her.

Luckily she wasn’t one to sit back and watch her whole world fall apart from one tiny, insignificant photo spread. She held her head high with dignity and kept at her normal routine. Those bastards didn’t need to know anything. What happened in the confines of her private life would stay private. And it did for nearly two weeks. Elle and Harry kept a low profile and everything with him was going swimmingly as they started getting to know each other both physically and emotionally.

It couldn’t be helped that he was the first thing on her mind when she woke up and the last thing on her mind when she went to bed. The latter could be due to the fact that he was either lying right next to her when she fell asleep or had occupied her bed with her just prior to her falling asleep. All she knew was Harry’s hips against her hips brought out the deepest urges from inside of her and she loved every second of it. And fuck, could it really be held against her for wanting to lose herself so thoroughly with him? It really couldn’t be helped with his lips on her throat and his fingertips digging into the flesh of her hipbones.

God, Harry,” Elle gasped, feeling him thrust against her.

It was the third night that week that he came over for an off-the-record rendezvous. It was something Elle enjoyed immensely. From the way he looked at her – the Soft, sparkling gleam in his eye whenever their eyes met – to the way he touched her, kissed her, fucked her. Her body never felt as good as when he took control of it.

Elle lay naked, sprawled out across her bed for him as he kissed and licked and nipped what felt like every inch of her skin. She was slowly losing her mind with his attention to detail, his unrelenting way of keeping her body writhing below him.

“Please, Harry… just… please,” Elle whimpered, begging for him to give her what she wanted and needed.

“Please, what?” His voice coming out huskier than usual as his lips and tongue glided back up over her throat.

“Please just… please…” She whimpered again.

“Please, what?” He asked again, thrusting himself against her center.

“Fuck me, Harry… just fuck me. I can’t… oh my god,” Elle said, gripping her hair between her fingers as her body arched up toward him.

She heard his Soft chuckle before his lips came down firmly against her own. Her mouth immediately welcomed his kisses and his warm tongue as she felt his hand snake down between them. Seconds later, he pushed inside and her body, once again, involuntarily arched into him as her mouth dropped open letting out a pleasing moan.

 “You are the sexiest woman on the planet, Elle,” Harry cooed against her lips.

Words were too hard for her brain to put together in the moment, so she let out another moan in response as he began his entrancing rhythm.

Every thrust, every strategic kiss was damning – in the way that she knew she’d never be able to get enough of him, in the way she knew no other man would ever compare. Not to Harry. Not to the man she fell for behind a camera lens. Not to the man who she could feel her heartstrings being tethered to.

She was beginning to realize how attached to him she got in such a short time. His ragged breathing, his face buried deep in the nape of her neck, his skin against hers – all things she found absolutely intoxicating. But it was everything else too. The way his smile made her feel better, the way his eyebrows arched when his expression changed, the beauty marks on his skin that her fingers and lips traveled like it was a road map of his body, the sound of his laugh, the big heart beating inside of his chest. He was truly something else, something she treasured.

As the waves of pleasure crashed through her body, she let out a satisfying moan. Harry held her body tightly to his, his face buried in the nape of her neck as his lower body still did all the work. Elle could tell he was close because he was starting to lose his rhythm against her.

“You’re amazing,” she breathed against the side of his neck before she left a small kiss there.

And as if on cue, Harry spilled himself in her, letting out a loud breath before ceasing all motion.

“Mmm,” she hummed as she trailed her fingertips up and down the tight muscles on his back.

“Oh god, Elle,” Harry sighed pleasingly as he rolled over onto the mattress.

As their breathing evened out post-coitus, all Elle could think about was how amazing everything felt. How just a few weeks ago her life seemed to be a string of repetitive days, feeling like a burden on most people because of what she made a living doing. But now, because of her job, she found her way to Harry. And he put the brightness in her world. He put the smile on her face and the butterflies in her stomach.

Elle turned her head to look over at him and he did the same, giving her a beaming smile.

“You know, I might keep you around,” Elle giggled as she pressed her palm against her forehead.

“Ha! That’s the only reason, huh? The sex?” He laughed boisterously as he reached over and poked at her side.

“I mean, there are other things too,” she said, turning her body toward him, giving him a small smile as she wrapped her arms around his middle.

“Other things?” He asked, trying to look down at her.

“Yeah. Other things,” she breathed quietly, burying her face into his ribcage.

She knew it was probably too soon into their little arrangement to be confessing exactly what she was feeling for him, so she buried it. She kept her words vague and brushed them off as she held him in her arms.

Harry kissed her forehead before pulling away, only to get up out of the bed. Elle watched as he pull on his black Calvin Klein boxer briefs and saunter to the bathroom, leaving her all alone in the cold bed. She lay there, pulling her legs up to her chest wrapping her arms around them, just waiting for him to come back. She wasn’t sure why, but having these feelings for him – these feelings that made her want to burst – only made her feel like a vulnerable mess. She didn’t want to be that girl. She never wanted to be that girl. But slowly she was realizing what it would do to her if she lost what they had – if she lost him.

Elle was broken out of her thoughts as she heard Harry’s bare feet pad across the wood floor. She looked up for a moment before she buried her face back into the tops of her knees.

“What are you doing?” Harry chuckled, standing over the bed.

“Nothing,” she said, her response muffled by her knees.

“Are you cold? There’re blankets you know,” he told her, tugging lightly at the bed coverings she was laying on.

“No,” she told him with a light shrug.

Her head snapped up toward Harry when she saw a camera flash. He stood above her, holding her camera with a big goofy grin on his face.

“What are you doing?” She smirked at him, letting her body relax a little.

“Takin’ pictures,” he said with a mischievous smile as he pushed the button and the shutter opened then closed as the flash lit up the room.

“Harry,” Elle said in a warning tone as he took another picture of her.

“You’re beautiful,” he told her as he continued to snap away.

“I’m naked,” she retorted, furrowing her brow at him disapprovingly.

“Like I said, you’re beautiful,” he said with an innocent smile on his lips.

“I don’t like this,” she groaned, giving him a playful glare as she tightened her body back up into the fetal position.

“Oh, what? You can dish it out, but you can’t take it?” He smirked at her, snapping another picture.

“I never said that,” she shot back at him with a smirk, letting her body relax again. He was challenging her, she could feel it.

In all honesty, she did hate getting her picture taken. And fuck, having your picture taken while you’re completely nude would make any girl a little self-conscious. But it was her camera. She could delete every single frame the second she got her hands on it. And it was Harry. If he wanted to have some fun, she was going to let him.

“Have I told you how sexy you are?” He smiled wryly, as he continued to snap photos of her.

“Mmm, not today,” she sighed, knowing full well he said it at least a few times in the last hour or so.

“Well, you are,” he said sincerely, snapping a few more unorganized pictures.

That’s the thing about Harry, she barely knew him, but it wasn’t hard to tell if he was being sincere. Honesty dripped out of his pores. He could fuck her better than anyone ever had, be as dirty as he wanted to be. But in the end, he was just a good boy.

“If you’re gonna take pictures, be serious about it,” Elle challenged him as a laugh escaped her lips.

“Oh, I am,” he said, looking down at the back screen of the camera before he snapped another one of her.

“You’re lucky I haven’t snapped nudes of you,” she threatened, pursing her lips at him as she tried to hide her smile.

“I want every single copy of these pictures.” He smirked, ignoring her empty threat.

“Not likely!” Elle laughed loudly.

“They’re mine!” He protested.

“It’s my camera,” she retorted, pressing her hands against her hips.

“It’s my masterpiece!” He laughed as he scrolled through the pictures he took.

“You’re insane,” she giggled, rolling her eyes at him.

“I’m serious,” he said, letting his laughter die off as he continued to photograph her.

She watched as his fingers fiddled with the dials and buttons on the camera, turning the focus and moving the direction of the flash. He knew what he was doing and to her, it was incredibly sexy.

“Sleep over,” she suggested, spur of the moment.

“You want me to sleep over?” He asked, turning the focus knob, snapping one last picture of her.

“Yes. I want you to sleep over,” she told him.

He let the camera drop down away from his face and looked at her.

“Okay,” he said sincerely.

“Okay.” She smiled back at him.

He walked over to the side of the bed and just before he put the camera back on her nightstand, he took a picture of his own face.

“You’re a dork,” she laughed as he switched off the light, letting the moonlight stream through the windows.

“Mmm, but that’s okay. That’s why you like me,” he sighed, dropping back down in the bed, wrapping his arms around her immediately.

“Who says I like you?” She giggled.

“Mmm, I can tell,” he said, nuzzling his nose against her cheek.

“You can, huh?” She smiled widely.

“I can,” he told her, squeezing her a little tighter in his arms.

“I do,” she breathed, letting the moment go serious.

“I like you too, Elle,” he told her.

And her smile came back with a vengeance.

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