Say Sorry

say sorry for breaking my heart
at least say sorry for tearing me apart


1. || one ||

• Kaylor's POV •

I walked into school not caring as usual. I honestly didn't want to be there. School sucks.

I pushed my glasses up on my nose as I went around the corner heading to my class. Math yay so exciting. Nothing ever happens at this sch-

I was knocked down by a tall figure interrupting my train of thought.

He put his hand out to help me but I just rolled my eyes. I picked up my books then standing. Once I found my balance I put my glasses back on.

"watch where you're going yo-

My eyes finally focused on the oddly attractive guy. His eyes where sparkling brown and I couldn't help but stare at him.

"Sorry" He choked out

"No you're fine it was my fault" I smiled

He smiled and moved around me going on with his life. I then noticed the girl beside him staring me down with a nasty expression on her face. I yet again rolled my eyes and walked to class.

I slowly but surely got through the doors of math class and to my seat. I checked my phone but like always - nothing. I put my phone away as the rest of the class came in.

As if on cue Mark sat beside me. Same question, same lip biting, and same answer.

"Hey babe, you have you finally admitted to yourself that you love me?"

Then he bit his lip.

Then I said what I always do "oh ye- wait nope wanna know why? I don't." I smiled my sarcastic smile and turned back to the the front.

Then class started and the same thing that always happens, happens.

Mrs. Sanchez comes in and throws her math book on the table. She writes page numbers on the board. Expects us to do them. Gets on her phone. Puts random grades in the grade book. Then class is over.

Today though, today was different. She came in with a stack of papers. She looked extremely happy which was unusual.

"Okay so today I have big news - I'm getting married!"

The class showed no emotion. We did not care to be completely honest.

Then of course Sealy with her fake self shot up and started squealing.


Everyone rolled their eyes at her. I'm not gonna lie I did too.

She sat down and the class went on.

"Like I was saying instead of doing book work you're going to be filling out these papers for a project you're doing with Mr. Tyler's class"

Ah yes good old Mr. Tyler and his group. Not my favorite teacher and the kids in his class this year aren't my favorite either. I don't know all of them, just a few.

She handed out the papers and left the room. Everyone looked around all confused. She even left her phone on the desk.

I ignored it and looked down at my desk which now had a sheet of paper on it, my favorite. If you can't already tell I'm very sarcastic. If you don't like it oh well.

Anyway, I went over the paper and I didn't really read the directions I just said read this questions

Pick a Partner

Name: Kaylor L. Hatter Date: 9-16-16

Directions: please fill out the sheet as honest as possible to find your partner for the project.

1. Do you prefer male or female partner?

a) female

ⓑ male

2. Are you good with partner work?

a) yes

ⓑ no

3. Do you care about your partners academic excellence?

a) yes

ⓑ no

And so in and so forth. As you can tell I'm not good with people. People bug me.

She came back in and picked up our papers.

"Okay class, since we still have about an hour and 10 minutes left we are going to get started"

we all exchanged confused looks. Get started - with what?

Just then Mr. Tyler walks in all smiley and happy as always and following is his class. He handed Mrs. Sanchez a piece of paper:

"This is the list of partners:

Amber Dawsy, Jane Mcellen (they squealed and hugged and yeah you get it)

Sealy Gray, Caleb Ha-

she was rudely interrupted "WHAT?!? No I refuse to work with Caleb he's so...EW!!"

Mrs. Sanchez rolled her eyes and continued "okay:

Macy Vincent, Mark Roshure

Kaylor Hatter......Collum Hood"

"It's Calum" he laughed

I looked up from my phone just long enough to notice the same girl giving me her supposedly death stare and the very attractive boy walking my way.

"Hey...wait aren't you the girl I knocked down earlier?"

"Um yeah" I nervously chuckled

"sorry about that by the way"

"oh it's fine I should have been paying attention"

I'm not gonna lie I may have stared at him until everyone had a partner. I'm not ashamed though.

"Kaylor Hatter huh?"

I came back to focus noticing he was looking at me.


"that's your name right?"

"yeah" I sighed

"Is there like a reason behind the name?"


He nodded "what's your full name?"

"Kaylor L Hatter"

He raised his eyebrows and chuckled. He had the cutest chuckle I've ever heard. Everything about him thus far is amazing.

"What does the L stand for?"


He gave me a confused look.

"What's your full name?"

"Calum Thomas Hood"

I nodded and looked forward

"I'm not trying to be weird but like you wanna maybe get some pizza or something?"

I shook my head smile. I could see his eyes fall and him look away.


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