All Aboard the Crews

I love WWE an here's one for ya!
CJ Crews is the sister to Apollo Crews an she's the newest female superstar coming from NXT. Tyler Breeze has been up in the main roster for a while, both him an CJ like each other but will Apollo or the rest of her family not let them be together.


3. Chapter Two

Couple days later I was at Becky's apartment looking on my laptop for outfit ideas. 

"Oh how about this one!" I asked her,

"OH perfect, print that out." I did an then started looking for mine. Hunter said I was in for a takeover match, I would know of my storyline and if it was a title worthy but who knows.

"You want to go out tonight, Fergal asked me yesterday if I wanted an I said I would but also I would ask you." I nodded and she ran to her room. 

"What size do you wear." I scrunched up my face at a outfit. 

"In what?" I yelled back, "Shirt!" I thought about it. 

"While I wear a medium but I like baggy shirts so probably large." Becky didn't say anything,

"Here!" I turned around when she said that and got hit by flying clothes. 

"Sorry!" I shook my head and looked at the outfit. I loved it and I asked if I could stop at my house, she agreed.

Once at the club, I saw that half of the WWE roster was there and almost all the NXT stars were there also. I started dancing with Nikki & Brie Bella, Becky, Billie Kay, Carmella, Naomi, Alexia and last Sasha. I love all my friends, I felt someone tap me on the shoulder. 

"Hey CJ!" Xavier Woods said, I turned an gave him a hug. 

"Come with me?" he whispered, I nodded an left with him outside.


Tyler's POV

Cassandra was smiling an laughing with her friends out on the dance floor. I wanted to go over and speak to her but I didn't. 

"Tyler just go over and talk to her!" Big E said. I shook my head and started walking outside. 

"Tyler wait up!" I heard Xavier yell after me. I stopped before walking out the door. 

"Dude I can't talk to her, I already wrote her a note. An she hasn't talked to me." Xavier rolled his eyes and walked off. I just walked outside and started kicking rocks, since the club was kind of in the outskirts of town. 

"I'm such a wuss. I can go out and wrestle for hundreds of people but not talk to her." I thought out loud.

I heard the door open an close, 

"Xavier why are we outside?" I heard Cassandra's voice behind me, 

"Cause you two need to talk!" I sighed and looked at the both of them. 

"You like him, she likes you! So please for all the power of positivity talk to each other!" Cassandra giggled and sat at a bench. 

"I'll be inside!" Xavier said, both of us nodded. It was quiet for a while til I finally had to balls to speak. 

"You look gorgeous tonight. An I'm Prince Pretty." she began giggling. I was actually making her laugh, 

"Cassy!" we heard a guy's voice from the parking lot. "Carter!" Cassandra yelled. "Who's that!" I asked. 

"Carter, he was one of my trainer's back in Georgia." She squealed. Carter looked like that guy from Twilight, the wolf I think. I had no chance now if he asks CJ out. 

"Tyler right!" Carter asks, I nodded. 

"You're doing very good over in the main roster." I smirked at him an looked at CJ, 

"How about we go back outside!" CJ asked we all nodded an went inside. Carter stayed by Cassandra the whole night, it made me want to throw up at the cuteness of them both. I wished I was the one making her laugh, I want to hold her, tell her that I think she's gorgeous besides myself but she's the most beautiful but Carter is a big dude I know I can take him but that would make CJ hate me so I stayed away from her but not to far.

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