Be My Escape

This is for the Heartbreak competition, uhm, this is my first actual book and competition. >.< HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE IT!!! 0.0
This is a story about a girl, that is heartbroken in many ways. She can relate to a lot of people. She doesn't have the best life or even a happy life...She gets bullied among other things. THIS WON'T be your cliche kind of book where it's Prep meets shy girl, or prep and emo girl, prep and something girl. Or anything. It's a deep story for me and I hope you can see the emotion and see that the character is just like you and me in a way.

(sorry for the bad description >.<)


4. ~Chapter 3~ King For a Day

"Y-yes?" Skylar said hesitantly.


Skylar stared at her confused, Why would Mr. Geller call my mother just to tell her I have a C in is class? Teachers don't call home unless th-"ANSWER ME!!!" Her mother suddenly screamed at her, bringing her out of her thoughts. Skylar started to get nervous, she could feel the lump in her throat start to grow and a sharp pain in her teeth. (A/N-I've had that before. It's more like a tingly hurting feeling) Finally after what felt like hours she answered the enraged woman standing before her. "I-I couldn't f-focus. H-he placed me with s-someone that doesn't p-pay attention i-in class. He talks a-all the time." She stuttered because of how nervous she was; it didn't happen all of the time but for some reason she was stuttering now. 

"Skylar, what are we going to do with you?" Her father asked shaking his head. She knew that he was doing it out of spite. To make him look good in front of her mother. So that he wouldn't get yelled at.

"I need to stay after school and get help..." She answered slowly and quietly, knowing that they wouldn't let her, but it was the right thing to say. To please them. After a minuet or two, her father asked, "And how are you going to do that? Leave Jason here to fend for himself?" 

Skylar looked down, and played with her fingers. She didn't want Jason thinking that she was trying to bring him into this, but she knew that it'd only become worse if she didn't get the grades they want her to have. "I-I'll...bring him with me...He can stay in the library at school while I get help...Or he can stay in the classroom with me...?" She half stated half asked. 

"Jason, can you come out into the living room for a second?" Mother sang out. Jason willfully came out of his bedroom, and kept his head down; until he came to where Skylar was. Only then did he look up and look at her with confusion and nervousness.She looks back at him with a concerned look in her eyes apologizing for getting him into this.

"Jason, do you think that Skylar should be allowed to stay after school and leave you at home alone?" Her father asked him. Jason thought about what to say; he knew from what he heard anyway, that kids in school his age got to be home alone. But he knew how that'd go over with his parents. It's not even like Jason would do anything bad; they just didn't trust anyone in general. He knew he'd survive if Skylar wasn't here; he was 10 years old, not 5. But he knew he couldn't tell his parents that. They'd interrogate him, and ask why he wants to be home alone; if he was doing something bad. They'd probably strip his room and look in every drawer, every thing. It'd be a nightmare, and everyone would be forced to stay up while their father searched through everything and anything in his room. 

"Well??" His father said with a little bit of annoyance in his voice. Jason didn't really hear his voice though; it was distant and quiet. 

"Could she take me with her? I can work on my homework at the high school too. That way I can ask for help if I need it too," he answered, his voice calm.

His mother and father looked at each other. They did that silent conversation with their eyes, when you know you're either A)In trouble. B) They're suspicious of you. C) They're deciding something. D) Are planning your doom. E) Thinking.    This time it was C, they  were deciding on whether Jason was lying or Skylar was. That maybe it's so that they can get out of doing chores and get away with something. But after a few minuets of the silent eye contact conversation between the both of them. They finally decided; "Okay, then that's the plan." Their mother concluded.

"BUT. If I hear about ANYTHING going on, then JUST homework, after school. You'll BOTH be severely punished, you two understand?" Skylar and Jason nodded; they knew what would happen if they ever disobeyed their parents. Although, it was hard to please both of them at the same time, and even harder to please just one of them. You'd think it'd be the other way around. That it'd be easier to please just one then the both of them, but you thought wrong. It's actually easier to please both at the same time, rather then apart. Together, they don't want to make each other angry, generally. But sometimes they just did it out of spite, to just be annoying and get a rise out of the other.

After they ate dinner and Skylar finished her chores, which included vacuuming the living room and kitchen, and washing dishes and everything in between. She had to do everything around the house, while her mother literally sat on the couch. on her phone on Facebook. Skylar didn't understand how her mother actually had even gotten any friends. She was always judging when she says she doesn't. 









I just finished all of my chores and it's 11 o' clock at night. I still have homework to do too! And they wonder why, I have a C in History?? Ugh, I have to go, I'll tell you more about everything that happened tomorro-oh shit, Jason's crying. Gotta go!


Skylar Anderson 2016





Why is her brother crying?? 

What else has happened to make their parents so strict?

What is her story?


I feel like a teacher trying to make a boring book, sound interesting XP

Sorry that I ended, this chapter badly >.<

And that it's a really late update. 

Plez (yes I meant to spell it like that)  looove meh 0.0


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