Be My Escape

This is for the Heartbreak competition, uhm, this is my first actual book and competition. >.< HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE IT!!! 0.0
This is a story about a girl, that is heartbroken in many ways. She can relate to a lot of people. She doesn't have the best life or even a happy life...She gets bullied among other things. THIS WON'T be your cliche kind of book where it's Prep meets shy girl, or prep and emo girl, prep and something girl. Or anything. It's a deep story for me and I hope you can see the emotion and see that the character is just like you and me in a way.

(sorry for the bad description >.<)


3. Author's Note

If you read this story while listening to the songs. Well there's going to be more songs, and try to listen to the lyrics. Or focus on the lyrics after reading the chapter. It may help bring it to life more. I pick the song based on what I want the mood to be and it's kinda like a teaser or preview of what the chapter's going to be about. Or how Skylar feels, the mood of the chapter. I don't know if that makes any sense, but yeah. I use music a lot, and generally base it off emotion and what's going on in life. In Skylar's life. Sooooooooo yeah xD Thank you for the positive comments!! I still don't know what vivid means. If you want Skylar to come to life more or put more detail in her family life or what. But yeah, DON'T BE AFRAID TO GIVE ADVICE!!!


Because this is my first real book, I want TONS of advice on how to make it better. I won't be offended xD If I need to make improvements.



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