I'm sorry

I wanted to do it all the right way. Wait till marriage, finish college, and never have unrealistic expectations. I should have just stuck with the plan.


7. Visitor

Paige POV: its well into the winter break and I am in Australia with my dad and I am reading and I sent Niall his essay and the school called and told me over the phone I was expelled so at the moment my life is at a stand still my dad is trying to get me to be a business partner in his farm and I keep telling him that's not my thing. At the moment I'm reading and listening to The Weeknd and there is a knock on my window and I stop reading and I walk out to the balcony mind you we have little to no electricity in this house and its constantly hot so I am wearing a bra and underwear I open the curtain and Niall is standing there. He waves and I grab shorts and put them on and I open the window and I say do you think this is cute because in my opinion its creepy that you found me and he says okay well your step sister gave me your dads address and I look at him and he says I just need to see something and I say what if I will do another essay for you Niall I'm not in school anymore and he moves my hair back and I say what are you doing and he says please just just shut up and don't be a bitch to me and I look at him and he leans in and kisses me.

Niall POV: the whole time after she left all I could think about was her this girl I never even talked to and don't even know all I could think about was her. She pulls back and says yo-you should go before my dad comes back and I look at her and I say sorry and I start walking to the window and she walks to the door and I hear her lock it and she whispers unless you didn't want to. I look at her and she whispers I really hope you won't and I walk over to her and hold her face and kiss her and we start making out and I say Paige and she nods and I say happy birthday and she looks at me and whispers my birthday was two days ago and I smile and I say happy belated birthday and merry early Christmas and she looks at me and says I don't know how to get this by my dad and her phone starts ringing and she walks over to it and answers it and I look around her. All it has is a bed a chair and a dresser that she also uses as a desk the walls are blank and I see a dream catcher over her bed.

Paige POV: I turn to Niall and I put my phone down and I say my dad won't be back till tomorrow and he says why and I shrug and he nods and I say hey I have a question and he nods and I say weren't you in a band and he nods and says yeah Liam Louis Zayn and I and I nod and he says but after we got third we went our separate ways but then some stuff happened and I nod and he says and we got back together not as a band but as friends and I nod and he says Harry and Liam are going to school for business and are graduating this year and Louis plays football and I and I say going to school for child psychology and he smiles and says yeah and I say that's okay and he nods and I say is it getting better and he nods and I say that's good.

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