I'm sorry

I wanted to do it all the right way. Wait till marriage, finish college, and never have unrealistic expectations. I should have just stuck with the plan.


2. Push over

I am sitting in my dorm and I am typing a whole new essay and Megan comes in and says hey I heard what happened and I keep working and she says why don't you just. Alright let me tell you who Megan is she is my step sister and my best friend it was weird at first when my mom married her dad but you deal with it they got married like two years ago and its still an adjustment but anyways. I put my laptop down and she says why are you crying god you are so emotional and I say no one will believe me and she says how do you know that and I say I'm not popular like you are maybe you should talk to Celine. She says Paige and she sits by me and says I am popular for my achievements academically and sports achievements she is popular for achieving orgasms with half the staff and football team without Niall having a clue. I roll my eyes and she says this is both our first year maybe you should talk to someone else besides me and there is a knock on the door and she says yeah and Liam walks in and I say I'm going to go and she says Paige and Liam says you don't have to go just because I'm here and Harry walks in with Zack and I walk out.

Megan POV: I sigh and Liam says does she hate us and I say no she doesn't really do well with new people that are her age and Harry says hey did you hear what happened and Liam says what and Zack pulls his phone out and plays a video. Liam says holy shit and Niall is screaming at Celine in the hallway and she just walks away and he yells why are you such a bitch you never helped me I'm telling the dean and she turns around and says yeah telling the dean what he won't believe you and Niall says did you fuck him to and she smirks and says I'm working on it babe. I say she is such a bitch I feel really bad for Niall.

Paige POV: I walk to the library and I sit behind a bookshelf before I have to start working and I read some of my book and someone steps on my foot. I say sorry and he looks at me and says what and I say nothing I didn't say anything sorry and he looks at me and says hey are you okay and I start reading again and he says hello. I hear some shrill scream and I look up and Celine is walking towards Niall and she says baby I'm so so sorry and I start reading again and he says fuck off and I get up and I start walking to the desk and I say hi and I go to the back and start reading.

Niall POV: I walk up to the front desk and I say can you help me and she says oh hey Niall and I say hi Kels can you help me and she says what are you looking for and I say can you help me write an essay and she says oh Paige usually does that she is in the back where the computers are here and she unlocks the door and I go in and I say thanks. I walk back and I say hello and it looks like no one has been in here since like 1995 and I say uh and I hear something and I try to turn more lights on and I say what the fuck and someone taps my shoulder and I scream and turn around and she whispers what are you doing in here and I take a breath and I say are you Paige and she nods and I say can you help me. She says with what and I say I have an essay and instead of just winging it I actually want to try and she nods and says well I uh need to know what its for first and I say right its an essay for child psychology and she nods and I say that's all I know and she looks at me and I look at her and she has glasses with the big black frames blonde hair and she is so pale and she just looks upset and fragile. She says uh Niall and I say sorry and she says do you have an outline or the prompt and I say oh yeah its in my dorm actually can we do this in my room this room scares me and she says that's not really appropriate and I say come on please and she says I I guess and we leave.

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