I'm sorry

I wanted to do it all the right way. Wait till marriage, finish college, and never have unrealistic expectations. I should have just stuck with the plan.


12. I Am Happy For You

Paige POV: its been three months since New York I had to go back to Australia to help my dad and Niall went back to London.

I am sitting in the kitchen reading and my dad says Paige and I am not actually reading I am thinking about that night the first night in New York. When he kissed me and he told me he loved me and he told me everything would be okay and I think about wh-and my dad smacks me with my book and I say what did you do that for and he says stop doing that and I say doing what and he says making that face and I say what. I get up and he says you need to think right ever since you went with him you haven't been the same and there is a knock on the door and I say I don't know what you mean. I open the door and I scream TYLER(she is an older sister through cheating) and she laughs and I hug her and she says woah and I say what and she says there is something different and I say what and she grabs my wrist and walks me upstairs.

I say what and she says when and I say what and she says your ora and I say this is why you are my favorite sister and she says Paige your energy has something extra and I say what and she says lay down and I say does dad know you practice fucking wi-she says lay down and I lay down on my bed and she scans her hands above me and I say Tyler and she says shut up. I say no Tyler and she says Paige shu-and I whisper I'm pregnant and she looks at me and steps back and I say please don't say anything and she says what do you mean don't say anything and I say Tyler please and dad yells PAIGE YOU HAVE A VISITOR and I go downstairs and I wrap my sweater around me and I look up and I say what ar-and Tyler is behind me and says its him and I say shut up Tyler and Niall says what. I say nothing come on and I grab his hand and my dad says Paige no guys in your room and Tyler mumbles too late and I nudge her and she says come along father lets go outside and they go outside.

Niall and I go upstairs and he says what is going on who was that and I say my sister and he says okay first question what is going on. I say here sit down and he sits on my bed and I go into the bathroom and I grab the tests and I come back and I say so I um and he looks at me and I hold them up and I took five for the amount of times we had sex in New York and he looks at me. I say so I am pregnant and he says what and he takes them and he says you this is a joke and he laughs and I shake my head. He says Paige and I say I'm sorry and I start crying and I say you are in school and I don't even know what I am doing. He says I'm actually not in school that's why I am and I say what and he says yeah I I signed a deal. I say what what do mean what kind of a deal and he says a record deal and I look at him and he nods and says I hate school I wasn't even doing something I enjoyed.

I sit down and I say you and he nods and says that's why I am here to tell you that you wouldn't be able to see me for awhile because I will be busy but and I say that's great and I hug him and I say I I am happy for you and he says but and I say it doesn't matter and I smile and I say I guess we are taking two different paths but its okay and he says Pai-and I say really its okay I can always like call you or something when something happens I promise.

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