I'm sorry

I wanted to do it all the right way. Wait till marriage, finish college, and never have unrealistic expectations. I should have just stuck with the plan.


10. Going Home

I had to go back to Ohio and some how my family found out what my grandmother gave me and they are all giving me death glares. I walk up to the front and being the grandchild and this being my recent grandparent on this side I am supposed to say something but what am I supposed to say to my family that hates me. I asked Niall to come with me just because Megan and I aren't exactly on speaking terms although she is there he just makes this a little easier to take. I walk up and I clear my throat and  I say many of you already know what she has given me and so many of you are stuck on this and I am sorry and I glance at Niall and he smiles and I say I'm sorry you feel so betrayed by this woman that all she did while on this Earth was took care of each of us while some were locked up knocked up or just straight up slacking and some of you are even being so disrespectful to this woman after her passing for what she has done for me the amount of times she has helped all of  you doesn't even add up, I am younger then everyone of you the youngest grandchild and in my nineteen  years compared to  some of your well over thirty years I have asked little from this woman and visited her more then you I'm not trying to make this a contest just forget everything she gave you materialistically and just remember her memories she told you yes she did repeat so many stories but that was one of her best qualities in my opinion just please remember her  and her love please.

Niall and I are heading to the car and my brother Jordan comes up to me and hugs me and says I'm not angry at you sis you are my favorite little sister my favorite younger sibling and I look at him and I say you are saying that because they aren't here and he says Dominick is and I say yeah but Josh Jess Jasmine Justin and Jayla aren't and he sighs and says where are you going and I say I don't know yet and we get in the car and drive away.

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