I'm sorry

I wanted to do it all the right way. Wait till marriage, finish college, and never have unrealistic expectations. I should have just stuck with the plan.


5. Done

I got to the dorm like three hours ago I'm working on my homework and I look at my desk at the folder I have of Niall's and I open it and he has notes then giant blank spaces and its clear he doesn't get any of this. Megan comes in and she says hi and she is obviously high on after sex and I say hi and Liam comes in and he says hi and I keep writing and he says okay and he picks up Niall's folder and says is this and I take it and I say my desk with my things yes and Megan says damn what the hell is wrong with you and I say I don't think this is working out and she says what and I say we both have two totally different paths and she says so what are you going to do. I say I don't know and she says you always run to your mom and my dad gets mad at me and I whisper fine and I pick up all my folders and she looks at me and I say I will go to my dads and she says what and I say I'm going to my dads why should it matter anyways you are busy with Liam so really it wouldn't be noticed that I am gone and she says Paige and I say no I'm leaving and she says come on and I scream FUCK OFF and she looks at me and they both stop and look at me and I say they are thinking about expelling me anyways and she says what and I say it doesn't matter I'm leaving so just leave me alone and she says dude. I start getting stuff around and she says your dad lives in fucking Australia and I live here in England Paige seriously and I say you weren't even supposed to go to this school and she looks at me and says you you promised and I say oh does he not know and they look at me and I say I took the fall for shit in high school we moved to this school because you wanted to move here Megan we lived in Ohio I had to stop calling soccer soccer because people made fun of me at work I applied to this school they almost didn't accept me because of all your shit I took a fall for I just can't be here anymore not with you you treat me like a child and I leave.

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