A picture life?

Don´t we all want.....


1. Don´t we all want...

Don’t we all want to live a picture life?

Don’t we all want to live the life of our Instagram profiles all the time?

Don’t we all want to have enough money to buy a bomb ass outfit once a week, or go to a nice restaurant with our girl-friends once in a while, without worrying about if our bank account can handle it.

Don’t we all want to live a life with no regrets?

Get our first kiss in 5th grade, with that very sweet boy from class?

Don’t we all want to have that perfect bikini body?

Have squad goal?

Have an Instagram, twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest that is on fire?

Be model-like beautiful?

Have a cute laugh?

Have a bomb playlist?

Go to cool partys?

Have barbeques?

Go to the beach in the middle of the night, and go skinny dipping with a few friends?


But is that the ideal life? Is that really what people want when they say they want “the perfect life”?

Wouldn’t it be kind of boring?

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