A Choice of Heartbreak

Lily, a girl in her early twenties, brown flowing hair, and gleaming brown eyes, is divided between two men who express their love vividly for her.
What will her decision be, and will this end in heartbreak?
This is the story of a man's actions to win his love over.


1. My Love, Is True.

Blissful chemistry, tyrant dreams of love and spoken bubbles of straining emotions. A day of infatuation and affection, an everlasting chain, connecting hearts. Open minded thinking, condensed love, wishful thinking, and the small, but large affectionate touch, of her lips.

The smile, it won't go away, locked and impossible to shed, the smile of love. The wondrous heat of her sweating hand, lingering in mine. The face that churns my beating heart even faster, sending a rush of enchanted energy through my veins. My heart only beats faster, and her lips only grow fonder, I couldn't even ponder the delicacy of her sweet refined lips. No lipstick, or foundation, or makeup. She was a natural beauty. 

I knew I loved her, even without her alluring figure and dazzling beauty, I loved her for her. Her brown wavy hair, sparkled and quivered in the ripened wind. I looked into her shimmering, brown, flickering eyes, as I inched my lips closer to hers.

This was a dream come true. I was going to kiss Lily. I closed my eyes, and put my hands on her cheeks softly. Her skin was so mellow, and saturated, smooth beyond belief. This was it. I was maybe a centimeter from her own lips with mine. Her hair now crashing against my wrist, as the wind picked up.

The seconds winded by like a molecular frequency, in slow motion. Except, time wasn't moving for me. I could feel her breath on me, warm in the cold evening sky.

Finally, as if a miracle had occurred, I moved in for the final push to kiss Lily. A sudden hand on my wrist, gripping me hard, pushing me back from Lily. I opened my eyes, it was Lily's hand on my wrist. Tears streamed from her gleaming eyes, onto her red flustered cheeks, and dripping from her chin to the wet, damp grass.

"I'm sorry Cam. You know..I can't kiss you right? You know I have feelings for him...too." Her hand felt cold now, as it fell from my wrist, onto her lap. "I'm sorry, I just...I don't know what I want."

I eased back, stretching my arms behind me, propping me above the grass, "It's okay Lily, I know." I said, sighing in a distant hum. The trees bristled in the wind behind us, chiming a song of nature and calming resolution. "You are not alone in this, I promise Lily, I have your back. I also have your hand, see?" I grabbed her hand, and smiled into her glistening eyes, acting as if it didn't hurt to know, the truth.

She smiled back at me, "Cam, you're perfect. Beyond your silly brown hair, and dark ocean blue eyes, you have a big heart. I'm glad you are in my life." She said.

"Well, I want to be more than in your life, Lily. I wanna be the reason you wake up in the mornings and check your phone. I want me to be the reason you get flustered. I wanna be the one." I said.

She parted her lips, but then lost her thoughts, as a fire fly laminated the now, night sky. We looked up, and all around us, it was a cloudy night with no stars, and a crescent moon. The fire flies lit up our area, creating a low humming sound in the wind and a yellow-orange overlay. Her face was now a glowing, bewilderment of beauty. My heart was being ringed out like a sponge. Squeezing me, suffocating, I couldn't breathe.

"I guess we should go." Lily said.

"Okay, I'll take you home."


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