The One who Saved Harry Potter

We all know that Harry was horribly abused at the Dursley's. But what if Severus had saved him just after he turned three?


8. Chapter Eight

Harry walked up to the Sorting Hat, his legs trembling. Minerva smiled encouragingly at him, before putting the Hat on his head. 

Hm... the voice in  his ear said. I can already see... Slytherin or Gryffindor is the way to go... but which one? 

"Um." was all Harry had to contribute. 

They're not so different, you know. the Hat murmured. And you'd do well in both... better be... 


Harry felt both great happiness, and some bitter disappointment as he got off the stool and moved to sit next to Fred and George. 

Draco and Ron were both placed in Gryffindor, as was Hermione Granger. Finally, the Sorting was over. 

"I have just a few words for you." Dumbledore said, standing up and beaming down at them. "And here they are; Nitwit, Blubber, Odment, Tweak! Thank you." 

He sat back down, and the tables filled themselves with food. 

"Is he... is he a bit mad?" Ron asked Harry. 

"Mad?" Harry asked. "He's a genius! But yes, he is a bit mad."

"And you call him...?" Draco asked. 

"He's Grandpa D." Harry explained. "Potatoes, Ron, Draco?"

"Yes please." Ron said at the same time Draco said, "No thank you." 

Harry laughed, and passed the potatoes to Ron. 

"So what exactly is it like, living here?" Ron asked, his mouth full. 

"It's amazing!" Harry said. "When I was six, Grandpa D gave me James's invisibility cloak. And when I was nine, I found a map, called the Marauder's Map, in Mr. Filch's office."

"Why were you in Mr. Filch's office?" Draco asked. 

"Who is Mr. Filch?" Ron added. 

"Mr. Filch is the caretaker, and he's really mean." Harry explained. "I was in his office because I blew up a toilet. And even though I wasn't a student, he still tried to give me detention and 'expel' me. But Fred and George let off a load of dungbombs right then, so while he was upstairs yelling at them, I went through one of his drawers and found it. It was already open; I eventually figured out how to open and close it, with certain sayings." 

"What sayings?" Ron asked. 

"Secret sayings," Harry said mysteriously, "that I'll tell you after dinner." 

"Does Professor Snape know about it?" Draco asked, grinning as if he already knew the answer. 

"No." Harry grinned back at him. "But he does often wonder how I seem to know more about the castle than he does." 

"What kind of things?" Ron asked. 

Harry looked around, then leaned closer to Ron and Draco. Fred and George, of course, leaned in to listen. 

"Ever heard of the Room of Requirement?" Harry whispered. 

All present company shook their heads. 

"It's up on the seventh floor," Harry explained, "across from the tapastry of Barnabas the Barmy teaching trolls ballet. You have to walk across in front of the blank wall, thinking what you need it to become. A door will appear, and inside is whatever you need it to be." 

"Wicked!" all the boys exclaimed in unison. 

"Exactly." Harry leaned back, looking pleased. He glanced up at Severus, who was talking to Quirrel. As he watched, he felt his scar suddenly burn excruciatingly, something that had never happened before. 

"Ah!" he gasped, pressing a hand to it. 

"What's up?" Ron and Draco asked. 

"N-nothing." Harry said, studying Severus and the back of Quirrel's head. "Nothing, I'm fine." 

The boys filled the rest of dinner with idle conversation, before Dumbledore stood up again. 

"Now that we are all fed and watered, I have a few things I need to tell you." he said, smiling at them. "To our new students, the dark forest on the grounds is strictly forbidden to all students. And a few of our other students should know by now, too." his eyes seemed to flicker in the direction of Harry and the Weasley Twins. "Mr. Filch has asked me to remind you that duelling in the corridors is also strictly forbidden, as are dungbombs, stinkpellets, among others. The full list can be viewed down on his office door. Students are not permitted to leave their dormitories after curfew." he thought for a moment. "I think that's all of importance. Off you trot!" 

Harry stood. "Hey, I'm gonna go talk to Dad. Wanna come with me?"

Draco and Ron looked at each other and shrugged. "Sure." 

"Then off we go!" The boys hurried down to the dungeons and arrived. 

"He always goes straight into his chambers after dinner, not his office." Harry explained. "But you guys can't know the password."

Draco and Ron covered their ears while Harry whispered the password. When the door opened, the boys uncovered their ears and entered. Severus was not there yet. 

"We'll just wait." Harry threw himself down onto the couch. Uncharacteristically, Ron and Draco carefully settled themselves on the other couch, looking politely uncomfortable. 

Severus entered, and stopped. 

"Hello, Harry," he nodded at the boys. "And Harry's friends."

"Hey, dad." Harry said. 

"I noticed you seemed to be in pain during dinner." Severus said, his eyes studying Harry. "Are you quite well?" 

"Well..." Harry said. "My scar started hurting really bad. Is it normal for curse scars to hurt?"

"No." Severus said, disturbed. "But your scar is horribly inflamed. One moment." 

He entered the Potions labratory beside his room, and returned with a small container. 

"Here is a salve that should help." he said, handing it to Harry. "See if it works." 

Harry smeared some of the cream across his scar. Instantly, the small stinging that remained left. 

"Wow, that really works!" Harry said happily. "Thanks!" 

"Keep that, in case it happens again." Severus said. "In which case I shall brew some more. But it is almost curfew, and you need to go to bed."

"Alright." Harry stood up. "Goodnight. Oh, but Dad?"

"Yes Harry?" Severus asked. Ron and Draco were already out the door.

"Are you okay with me being in Gryffindor?" Harry asked. "Really?"

"I must admit, I would have preferred if you were in Slytherin." Severus said. "But as long as you're happy, I'm happy."

Harry smiled softly. "Alright. Goodnight."



You don't know how tempted I was to cliffhanger you guys!

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