Douche - Justin Bieber (ON HOLD)

Justin Bieber is the toughest criminal alive. Alex, Justin's girlfriends brother, can't seem to fall in love.


2. The Best Day Ever - Chapter One

I didn't know what I was thinking. I went to school, like a normal teenager would. Then all I remember is being in the office, blood and spit on my face. Not knowing if it was mine or not, I yelled. 

"Jane? Jane wake up now!" Ann yelled.

"Jane are you okay?" she asked me.

"Sorry Ann, I was just having a bad dream." Ann is my younger sister, she's in the eighth grade and i'm in the eleventh grade. 

"Where's Abby?" Abby is in the sixth grade and shes one of the "bad kids." 

"Down stairs most likely eating our breakfast." She laughed.

"Okay, I'll meet you down there, and give you guys a ride to school."

"Alright you've got one hour." She walked out of the room.

I walked to my closet and found my favorite shirt, Spongebob and Patrick, riding on a cat in space. After I found that I went to my dresser and found a pair of black tights. As soon as I put that on I went into the bathroom, plugged in my curling iron in and let that heat up. Once it was warm I started to curl my shoulder length hair. I finished doing my hair and grabbed my make up out. I put on brown eye shadow, then mascara, and then did a winged eyeliner look. I put hair spray on my hair, unplugged the iron and put everything away. 

"Annie, Abby! I'm leaving in two minutes!" I yelled from my room, gathering my books and everything that I needed for school today. 

I don't understand why they get rides from me. I get to school five minutes before I have to be in class, which means no breakfast for me. I ran down the stairs, yelling at my foster mom telling her that I love her and I slammed the door shut. I walked to my car, started my engine and honked the horn. As I was getting ready to honk the horn again, two little girls start running to the car. 

"Hurry up you slow pokes!" I yelled. 

They both giggled and ran to the car even faster. They finally got in and they got to school on time. I went to go find my friends but before I did, I seen him. Him as in the guy of my dreams, my crush, my world. When i see him, I always have to remember how to breath. Not looking where I was going, I bumped into him. 

"Omg! I'm so sorry Justin!" 

"Lol, it's okay Jane, you didn't mean to." He smiled at me. "I'l see ya around." He winked at me, and I blushed. 

Did he just wink at me? I have to find Annabelle and tell her what he just did to me.

"Jane?" Olivia asked. "Omg, it's Jane girls!" Her annoying self laughed. "What a surprise to find you here after you're parents died, and brother left you!" She smiled at me. Olivia and I were best friends, before my mom and dad died. I wouldn't come out of my room for months, and she just stopped showing up to my house.

"Oh Olivia! I thought that you wouldn't show up after having an abortion, but I guess we both were wrong." She looked hurt, but I guess I didn't care, she hurt me too. She didn't only have an abortion, but she was going to have my ex-boyfriend's baby. He cheated on me with her. That's what hurt me the most. Well the past is in the past. 

"Annabelle!" I yelled. 

"Jane!" She yelled louder, and I chuckled. 

"Belle! Guess what happened!" 

"Jay! I seen it all even that wink at the end! It was cute!" She smiled, showing her pearl white teeth. 

"It was, wasn't it!" I smiled. 

We started to walk to class, but then I realized that I never went to my locker so I told Belle that I would be right back and she nodded. I finally got to my locker, just to see Bieber standing there waiting for me. 

"Hey Jj. Where are you going?" He smiled at me. 

"Hello to you to J, and i'm going to my locker which I guess you already knew." I smiled. 

*Justin's Pov* 

Wow, I can't just fall for her, she doesn't need to be involved with my gang. I mean her brother, Alex, has already joined, but a sweet girl like her don't need to get into this. 

"Oh so I should move out of the way then." I laughed. 

"Jane? Can I ask you something?" 

"Sure why not." 

"How did your parents die?" 

"Um.. well, this gang I had ran into on the streets, one of their members had raped me. So I told my parents and they got angry, so they confronted that person and when they did, well he or she shot them." She paused then started talking again. "I've been looking for a gang to join ever since." 

"Well, uh. You can join mine." I know I just said I shouldn't let her, but I can't help it. 

"Really? You'd-" 

"What are you two doing? Shouldn't y'all be in class?" Mrs. Brown asked. 

"Well I forgot something from my locker ma'am, and I seen Justin and asked him to help me open my locker." Jane said politely. 

"Well carry on." She smiled and walked off. 

"And to answer you're question, yes I really would do that for you!" 

"But what about Belle? She's been looking with me." 

"Sure she can, but she will have to show me what she knows, but you, I've heard enough about you." 

"By who?" I couldn't help it but I smiled. 

"Meet me by my car. You know what one, after school you'll see." I smiled and walked away. 

*Jane's Pov*

I walked back to class seeing Belle, I smiled knowing we could get revenge. The same exact thing happened to her. 

"Why are you so happy?" She smiled at me.

"You'll see after school."

*Five minutes before school is out* 

I cannot wait any longer, there's only five minutes until the bell rings. So I did my math homework. Time goes by fast when you have something to do in class. Then the bell rang. I ran out, looking for Belle and I seen her. I yelled for her to run and hurry up and we walked to Justin's car not wanting to wait, I yelled at him to take us to where ever his house was. 

"Someone's in a hurry!" Justin laughed. "It's not a long drive I hope you know."

He was right, it took only minutes to get there. 

"Wow!" Belle and I said at the same time. 

"Yea, oh and Chaz is now pulling up into the driveway with the rest of the gang that goes to school." He seen Belle blush. 

"Ta-da!" I smiled at Belle. 

"We're in a gang?!" 

"Well you have to show J that you can shoot and aim a gun." 

"Ha! Piece of cake!" She laughed with me. 

We all got out if the car. Justin told us to go straight inside and that he would be inside soon. I walked into the kitchen and screamed. 

"Alex!" I cried. "Is that really you?!" 

"Yeah Jay, its really me." He had tears roll down his cheeks. 

"I've missed you so much Jay!" I hugged him and cried even more. I heard Belle gasp when she say him and she ran to give him a hug too. 

"Oh Bebe! I thought that I'd never see you again!" He cried to Belle. Yes Alex considers her as family too. 

"We've missed you A!" She yelled and the front door slammed shut, and a lot of laughter followed. 

"Told you that someone told me a lot about you!" Justin laughed and so did Alex. 

"Thank you Justin for this and a new family!" I cried. 

"No problem sweet thing." He winked at me. All I could feel was Alex get very tense at what Justin called me. 

"Dude! He was messing around!" I playfully punched him in the arm. 


I hope that this was a good chapter! I wrote this all in my note book today then had to copy it all done on here for you guys to read it. I really took my time to think and make it very good for you guys! I hope you enjoy it! And here's the original cover for the book. 




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