till death do us apart

She was the captain for the wrestling team and he was the captain of the hockey team they used to be best friends but now they hated each other... Payson and Liam do whatever it takes to be in each others way... One day their moms decide to throw them a birthday party together....thats right they are also born on the same day, will they ever be friends again??


4. going to bed 😫

​I got home and cried more I filled my hot tub with water took all my clothes off and sat I the warm liquid I herd my phone and it was liam calling I grabbed it and answered "what's up" I didn't want him to hear me cry but I couldn't I broke down . " Payson don't cry im sorry " I stopped crying "I'm fine what do you need" I wanted to be with him I missed him so much "let me see you please Payson don't push me away I want to know what happened." I felt like I needed to tell him the truth tell him I needed him by my side."look its nigh I can't go out right now I'm in my tub" I looked up and saw natasha starring at me smiling "ill go see you at you house but I wanna see you Payson" I smiled and replied "okay come I through my window" I hung up and put on my pajama shorts and my sports bra. I opened my window and he came and Natasha left downstairs with my mom. When he got In I closed the door and turned around and he hugged me tight I hugged him back smelling his clothes I missed that sent. A while passed and we sat down and talked "and the day we said......i love you.." I looked down. "its the day you got hurt the day I lost you" i got up and walked to the closet got a shoe box and took it to him he opened it and saw all the picture all the letters all the small gifts then I shows him a watch we had bought matching watches and black jackets I looked down and he was crying "why I this one ripped in half." I looked and saw it was the one were I was kissing his cheek. "I don't want to cause problems but your mom ripped it when she made me leave the hospital she said you deserved someone better and ripped it." He looked like a little boy.I sat next to him and leaned my head on his shoulder. "Liam I miss you so much" he carried me and put me on his lap I put my face in the crook of his neck. "I missed you too love" I looked at him and he smiled at me. I looked down and he lifted my chin up and leaned in I felt his warm breath close to my lips "can I?" I cupped his face and nodded. I leaned forward and our lips met I missed him I missed everything from him. Our lips kept moving I smiled and sucked his bottom lip and he took out a small moan. I smiled and pecked his lips. "its late liam unless you wanna sleep over I have a change you would always leave at my place" he smiled and nodded he took off his jeans and I let him borrow a pair of my shorts I called Natasha upstairs we talked with her and she was okay with it.. "but we are just friends again" I laid down and he laid down by my side. Putting his hands on my waist and around my neck. I felt warm again. I was sleeping knowing I had my best friend back and it was a bit different but I had him back. I felt complete with him and Natasha. They were my best friends. I slowly drifted away to sleep.......


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