Cassidy must chose between her love for Calum and her lust for Brad, but little does she know that choosing the wrong man could cost her her life.


3. My 5sos Obsession

Cassidys POV


I woke up in my bed with a bad headache. How did I get here? The last thing I remember was falling asleep in Liams car. I was broke out of my thoughts by a soft knock on my door. I sat up.


"Come in." I said. Harry poked his head in.


"Hey how ya doin?"


"Ummm fine?" it came out more like a question because I didn't know why he was asking if I was ok.


"Good. You are coming to work with me and the boys today. Your gonna see one of your birthday presents today and I know your gonna love it." I groaned at the mention of my birthday. It was today and I would be turning 18. most teenagers would be excited to turn 18, but it only meant getting older for me.


"Come on sis, get up or I'll drag you out." Harry said while walking into my room.


"Get out Hazza." I told him.


"Nope." he said popping the 'p'.


"Well I'm not getting up." I told him. For some reason I wanted to be stubborn at the moment. He came closer to me and I hid under the covers.


"Do you think blankets are actually going to protect you?" he laughed at my immaturity.


"Protect me from what?" I played dumb. I knew exactly what was coming.


"From this!!" he said as he jumped on me and pinned my arms above my head. Then he tickled me to death. I was laughing so hard I was crying.


"O-ok Hazza. I-I'll get u-up!" I told him in between laughs. He eventually stopped.


"Trust me you really are going to love this birthday present." He said as he ran out of my room closing the door behind him. I sighed and got up. I grabbed my phone and put my Sounds Good Feels Good album on. I am obsessed with 5 Seconds of Summer. Like my room is covered with posters of them and I have all their albums downloaded on my phone and not a day goes by that I don't say the word "5sos" and I've gone to see over 10 of their concerts. I guess you could say I'm a major fangirl. My favorite song is Broken Home. I love Ashtons giggle, Lukes lip ring and penguin obsession, Michaels different colored hair, but my favorite is Calum. I love him in a different way. I love him like he's connected to me somehow and that if something ever happened to him I wouldn't be able to carry on with my life. Its not a fangirl obsession, its something personal, but I'm not sure what. When I see him in a picture I get lost in his chocolate brown eyes, his soft angelic voice gives me chills, and in those Magazines, his dream girl is exactly who I am but I never pay attention to that stuff. I finished my makeup and threw on black skinny jeans and a Nirvana muscle shirt, which showed off my lace bra and hourglass figure. I walked down the stairs with my phone as I straightened up my hair. The boys were in the kitchen and living room. When they saw me Niall wolf whistle.


"Someone's looking hot today." I blushed and decided to be sarcastic.


"What? I didn't look good yesterday?!" I tried not to laugh at his facial expression.


"N-no. I didn't mean that. You looked great yesterday and today and everyday and-" I cut off his pointless stuttering laughed.


"I'm just joking Niall." Louis was laughing so hard at Niall that he spun around and pushed Lou off the arm of the couch so he fell back on the floor.


"Hey dude what the hell??" He jumped up and jumped on Nialls back. They started to play-fight and run around our mansion. We had a mansion and so did the other boys because they are the hottest band in the world at the moment. I shook my head at the boys and went into the kitchen to find Harry and Zayn on their phones. Zayn jumped up and gave me a hug and said,


"There's the birthday girl!!"


"Uggh don't remind me."

Harry looked up and glared at my shirt.


"What?" I asked him.


"I know your 18 but you aren't allowed to look too hot. Too many boys." He said as he stood up. I rolled my eyes.


"Stop being so protective."


"Go change."


"No!! You aren't the boss of me."


"My house, my rules."


"This aint your house, Hazza."


"We have the house because of me." he smirked.


"Oh boy. Cocky Harry is back." I said sarcastically but let out a small laugh. Liam came in and added,


"He's right ya know. You look so hot right now that every single boy you pass will be drooling." I blushed at his comment and looked down at Niall who had won the wrestling competition. He was the only one who knew about my little crush on Liam. He just shook his head and walked away laughing at me. And honestly, I didn't even think I looked cute, never mind hot.

"No I don't Liam. I'm just so ugly that you said that to make me feel better." I put my head in my hands. I really think I'm ugly. Why else would I not have a boyfriend?


"You're kidding right?" Liam asked me as he leaned against the counter.


"No, I'm not. Why else would I not have a boyfriend?" I told him with my head still down. he came to the table and sat down.


"Cass look at me." I looked up to meet his brown eyes that were much closer than I thought.


"You are honestly the most beautiful girl I've ever seen in my entire life. Your personality is amazing and You don't have a boyfriend because of us boys. The whole school knows that if they try anything with you, we'd personally beat them near death. They know that me and Harry especially wouldn't allow it. You are too special for something to happen to you." He spoke in a soft voice and I knew then that Liam was more special to me than a crush. He was my other brother. I got up and hugged him.


"Thanks other big bro." He hugged back but asked confused,


"Big bro?"


"Oh I forgot to tell you. I am officially giving you the title of another one of my big brothers." he laughed and kissed my forehead. I knew deep in  my heart that he wasn't the one, so I finally gave up.


"Ok great. You have another brother but we really have to go if your going to meet your birthday present." Louis said looking at his imaginary watch to make his point. Me and Liam laughed. Zayn came running in and threw me over his shoulder.


"What the hell, Zayn?!" I laughed hysterically as he ran out of the house and plopped me in the passenger seat of Harrys car. Harry got in the drivers seat and Niall and Liam got in the back. Zayn and Louis got in the other car and we followed them.


"Where are we going?" I asked them.


"The recording studio to meet your birthday present." Niall said.


"what do you mean meet my birthday present?" 


"We cant tell you but Your going to die I swear." Harry said. "Hey Liam? Please tell me your phones still got enough room to take a video of her reaction."


"You all set."


"Oh god." I whispered as I couldn't keep in my excitement anymore,we pulled into the studios parking lot. I couldn't wait to find out what my present was.

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