Cassidy must chose between her love for Calum and her lust for Brad, but little does she know that choosing the wrong man could cost her her life.


9. Jason

Cassidys POV


I was hiding behind the rock that Calum left me behind. I was watching in horror as him and Harry fought Brad in his wolf form. Brads wolf was brown with black eyes and a gold crown that symbolized his Alpha position. He was about 6 feet tall and had so muscle that he made Liam look scrawny. Calums eyes were red and Harrys eyes were black. They also had their fangs out and if I were Brad I wouldn't want to tango with them, but he was either really stupid or really brave. Lets go with brave. Harry was having a hard time because of the hit Brad had just given him. His white shirt was soaked with blood on his left side. Brad was using his claws to slash at them but they ducked out of the way. Brad slammed into Harry and he went flying about 20 feet and hit the ground with a loud crack. He fell but this time he didn't get up. He lay there still as Calum let out a horrifying growl. I stared in shock as he let out a monstrous scream. I think even Brad was surprised because his eyes widened as he was pinned down by Calum. His eyes were a blood red and his fangs were longer. But I wasn't scared, I was attracted. I don't know why or how, but when Cal turned into his vampire form, I felt even more connected to him. I was gonna try to get up and go see if Harry was still alive, but strong hands were placed on my shoulders as a deep voice said,

"I wouldn't do that if I were you, my future Luna." I froze at my new name. I turned around slowly and came face to face with a tall blonde boy. His hair was the same color and style as Lukes, he had the same piercing's as Michael, and the same body as Calum. Its like he's a mixture of all the 5sos boys, except Ashton, I thought. I guess I was showing shock because he giggled just like Ashton. So he is a mixture of all four?


"That's right sweetheart. I'm a genetically mutated inhabitin of a girls favorite band, henceforth I attract them towards the pack and myself so we have more humane flexibility to devour their flesh and blood and use their carcasses as entertainment for ourselves. We have 10 of us all over the world and we scout out new werewolves for our pack, and we have implanted microchips that allow us to overload a females attraction glands in her brain so she has no choice but to listen to us. Therefore, what you are seeing is a combination of your favorite band and what your favorite things are about them. We are too genetically advanced for the human race so it is very difficult for you to understand everything we are saying. I will be confiscating your consciousness and transporting you to the Kingdom of our Alpha for you to be marked as Luna of the Werewolves before our enemies can." I stared at him for about a minute before saying,

"English please?" he rolled his eyes like he was tired of the question.


"I'm a really difficult person to understand, I was born in a lab so I am not human, I always look like a girls favorite band and they are easily attracted to me so I can easily kill them for food, and I am going to make you unconscious for a little bit so I can bring you to our home." I nodded.


"Wait wait wait. Why and where would you be taking me. If your not a vampire or werewolf then what are you?"


"I am a werewolf, I just don't have any human blood in me. I've looked like this for the past 4,000 years. And yes, I know what you're thinking. I am older than Niall." he said Nialls name like he would say the word poison.


"But why are you taking me?"


"Alpha's orders." was the last thing I heard before blacking out.



Calums POV


Brad slammed against Harry and he went pretty far. And he didn't get up. I was beyond pissed and my eyes felt extremely hot as my fangs grew longer. I lunged at Bradley forgetting about Cassidy and Harry, the boys, the world. Everything. All I knew was that I had to kill Brad. We wrestled while I heard a car pull up somewhere else but I ignored it. At the time I didn't know, but man, should I have payed attention to that car. It was Jason's car and he was coming for Cassidy. I had left her behind the rock to hide but I guess that wasn't the best idea. Next thing I know I was being pinned to the ground by two other werewolves, Maria and Vanessa. Maria was a black wolf with brown eyes and Vanessa had dirty blonde fur and bright blue eyes just like Lukes. If Luke and Vanessa weren't total opposites of eachother, I would say they were mates. But they hadn't met yet. And I knew neither one of them had found their mates yet. Vanessa loved rock bands and blonde blue eyed boys, just like her. She played the guitar and loved a boy who had musical talent, she was extremely beautiful in both human and werewolf form. I knew a lot about her because we used to be friends before she got clawed by a werewolf and then turned into one. She would always work against me, but she could never kill me. I loved the mischievous look in her eyes, and sometimes I saw the old Vanessa that I knew in high school, and that was like a sister to me. Now Brad made her turn. He made her work against me and everyone and everything she loved. He made her hunt down and kill her own family, made her kill her own boyfriend and his family. He brain washed her so she would forget everything she had ever known, including me. I cried when I found out what Brad had done to her for multiple nights. He had raped her, and poisoned her so she would be weak and easier to control. When we fight, the memories come flooding back and all I want to do is rip his throat out for raping an innocent and amazing girl, making her forget everything she'd ever know and learned, and killed all the people who had ever loved her. When me and her fight, sometimes I see her hesitate like she's about to remember something, but she shakes her head and fights on. If there was any way in the world that I could help her get her memory back, I would. I loved her so much, but only like a sister. I had never liked her like a girlfriend before, just part of my family. I love staring into those sea blue eyes hoping that the slightest bit of memory will come back, but it never does. I have hope, but then I lose it. Brad and his pack have made me forget what it was like to love someone, what it was like to trust someone, and what it was like to have a family. A true family. The boys are my pack, but they aren't my family. I'm hoping Cassidy will teach me to love again, to trust again, and we can start a family. if Brad gets to her before me, I will kill myself. She is my last chance that I have at living a happy life and I hope she will be happy with me too.

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