Cassidy must chose between her love for Calum and her lust for Brad, but little does she know that choosing the wrong man could cost her her life.


17. Getting Out Of Bed

Cassidys POV-


I woke up feeling a little worn out, but still better than I had the night before. I looked around for Calum only to hear him singing in the bathroom while getting ready. He was singing "Good Girls", and it sounded awesome. He walked out and was styling his hair, then he saw me smiling at him. He smiled back.


"Are you feeling better?" he questioned.


"Yeah, actually. A lot better."


"Good. Look what I got you," he told me while walking over to the side table. He picked up a big bowl filled with strawberries, bananas, kiwi, and Nutella.


"Harry said it was your favorite so I brought some." He smiled cheekily. I took it and thanked him. It means a lot that he would do even the smallest things to make me feel better. He sat on the bed next to me once again and took a bite of my food.


"Bruh! That's my Nutella your eating!" 


"Well I got it for you!" he whined back.


"Fine," I complied and fed him another bite. He smiled, scooped up some Nutella with his finger, and smeared it on my cheek. I gasped. I took some on my finger and wiped it on his nose, and he chuckled. He licked the Nutella off my cheek.


"Eww," I giggled.


"Would you rather have me do this?" he asked as he took more and put it on my lips, then kissed me.


"Honestly, I think you liked that Nutella more than that kiss," I smirked.


"Hey!" he complained, "you both taste good." I rolled my eyes and kissed him again. I pulled back and said,


"At least I don't need Nutella."


"Oh, I don't need it," he said before attacking me with kisses all over my face, making me burst out laughing. He finally backed off to let me breathe. He put his arm around my shoulder and we just sat there for a while in comfortable silence. Then I remembered something from last night. I couldn't remember if it actually happened or if it was just part of my dream. I cleared my throat.


"Hey Cal?"




"Umm, last night right before I fell asleep, I thought I heard you say something." He didn't make eye contact with me.


"What do you think I said?" He almost sounded nervous.


"Well, you don't have to answer if you don't want to, but I thought I heard you say, "I love you, Cass. To the moon and back."


"Well, uh- I dunno- well-" his sorry ass was saved by my brother, once again. Harry swung the door open and strutted in.


"Just wanted to see how my lil' sis is doin."


"Better." I answered. He leaned down and was about to kiss my cheek when he stopped and saw the Nutella.


"Why do you guys have chocolate all over your face? That is chocolate, right?"


"No, Harry. We have dog shit on our face, yes of course it's chocolate!" I yelled sarcastically. Calum laughed at him.


"Well excuse me," he replied. He sat on my lap.


"Geez! Why do you feel like you weigh 300 pounds?" I exclaimed.


"You're just weak, sister."


"Am not."


"Are too."


"Am not!"


"Are too!"




"Well someone's on their period," Harry said and ran out of the room, for the fear that I might chase after him. I let out a heavy sigh and fell back onto Calum, forgetting what I had asked him before.


"Do you think you're well enough to get out of bed?" Cal asked me. I nodded.


"But you'll have to help me." He got up and rushed to my side to help me stand up. I ripped out all the IV's and grabbed onto his shoulder. I pulled myself up and my vision got foggy.


"You good?" I nodded again. I shook my head to clear my sight and walked to the door. It was actually easier than I thought it was going to be. I turned the nob and held Calums hand tightly. I was glad for his support. I faced him and put my head on his chest. He wrapped his arms around me and hugged me tight.


"Thanks for being here. I know it's not the happiest situation to be in, but seriously, it means everything to know you're here."


"I wouldn't trade it for the world." He tilted my chin up, I stood on my tiptoes, and he kissed me on the lips. We pulled away as I took a deep breath and walked towards the living room to face everyone. Harry, Liam, Niall, Louis, Zayn, Luke, Ashton, and Michael were all waiting there. I was trying to not make this a bigger deal than it was, but obviously they wouldn't allow it. They were acting like I just got home from a war or something. When they saw us they all jumped up. Niall ran to give me a hug and ask how I was doing. They all did. I told them I just wanted today to be as normal as possible. Later that night, my parents came home. They showered me with hugs and kisses and told me they were glad I was back and feeling a lot better. They day went by as I hoped; normal, quiet, and boring. Towards the end of the night, we were watching tv. Niall, Liam, Ashton, and Zayn were passed out on the floor from the beer they drank, Harry, Luke, and Michael were asleep on the couch, and Louis was sprawled out on the pool table. Calum and I sat together on the love sack, we were both asleep and I was laying on his lap. I guess I accidentally woke him up when I shifted, because he saw that everyone else was asleep and carried me up to my bed. He got to my room, shut the door, and layed me on top of the covers. He was about to get in bed too when I said sleepily,


"Wait. I can't sleep with jeans and a hoodie on." That was one of my pet peeves: sleeping with jeans and hoodies on. They were so uncomfortable and way too hot.


"Um- ok." He said and started to unbutton and unzip my pants. He tugged them down slowly. He threw them in the dirty clothes basket. The he pulled the hoodie off over my head. Now I was just in my bra and panties. I was too tired to comprehend that though. He got up and took off everything but his boxers. He got into the bed with me and I cuddled into his warm, muscular body. He kissed my hair.

"You're so beautiful," he mumbled. I giggled.


I replied with, "And you're so handsome."


"We should have our date, the one that we never got to have, tomorrow night."


"Definitely." I confirmed. Once again, just as I was about to fall asleep, I swear I heard Calum say, "I love you, Cass. To the moon and back. And this time, I won't deny it."

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