Cassidy must chose between her love for Calum and her lust for Brad, but little does she know that choosing the wrong man could cost her her life.


20. Changing Into A Vampire

Cassidys POV



"I think it's time we changed you," whispered Calum. I nodded. Calum wasted absolutely non time and ripped my shirt right off of my body and tore is shirt off of himself. He kissed my lips gently and ran his hand up and down my side. My hands went straight to his hair. He pressed his masculine figure against my feminine body. He started to grinds his hips against me and I let out a gasp. He kissed my neck over and over again. I started to tug down his shorts. Even though I'd never done this before, it's like my hands had a mind of their own. I got Calums shorts down and he pulled mine off right after. Cal kissed my chest all over but I pulled him back up to my face. He took off my bra and threw it across the room, soon followed by him tearing off my panties. He somehow got his own boxers down. We continued to make out as his hands roamed my body. I was enjoying it, but I'll admit, I was getting a little scared of what was coming. He put his forehead against mine and we caught our breath.


"You ready? I can tell that you're scared." I just shook my head 'yes' and kissed him passionately. All of a sudden without warning, I feel his push himself into me. I let out a small scream. I tried to ignore the fact that it hurt like hell because I didn't exactly have a choice. He pulled back and thrust into me again and again. It started to hurt less until it didn't hurt at all. I threw my head back in pure bliss as Calum let out a low moan. He kissed my neck again as my fingers pulled at his hair. I had forgotten about the 'biting' part until I felt to sharp things on my neck. I took a deep breath as I felt them get pushed deep into my neck. Just imagine someone took two, sharp pencils and stuck them into your neck about two inches deep. That's what it felt like. Calum but his hand over my mouth as I let out yet another scream. But surprisingly, the pain subside just like it had earlier and it felt amazing. I did start to feel a little weak as Calum pounded into me and literally sucked the blood from my neck, but I still found the energy to moan,


"Faster,"  and he did. He pounded so deep I could barely stay conscious. Then I felt something going into my blood stream. It must have been the venom. I felt my energy lessen even more after another minute or two. 


"B-baby I'm close." I opened my eyes and saw Calums fangs still out. It attracted me even more just like it had the night that Brad took me. I closed my eyes and opened then again and they were gone. He kissed me again as I let out a small whimper as we both came. He rolled over onto the side of the bed next to me. I just stared at the ceiling. He laced his fingers with mine and turned to look at me. 


"I love you." I smiled and tuned my head to meet his chocolaty brown eyes.


"I love you too." I rubbed my face with my hands as Cal pulled the blanket over us.


"Why am I so tired?" I heard him chuckle. Because I nearly sucked all of the blood from your body. You need to sleep because we need to leave in the morning. I didn't want to bother you with this earlier, but Harry called me this morning when you were still asleep, and he said that Brad should be coming tomorrow, and he claims that he's bringing an army. If Brad's telling the truth, then Harry and the rest are going to need all the help they can get." He kissed my lips again. "But don't worry. When you wake up, you'll be a vampire. Melinda said she wants to take you somewhere before we leave." I nodded my understanding, and without another word I drifted to sleep.



*The next morning*



My head shot off my pillow and I was breathing heavily. Everything seemed clearer, more vivid. I felt like I could hear better and all my other senses were more awake then they ever had been. Calum came around the corner in just pants looking unfazed. I felt my forehead and I was sweating buckets. I put my hands over my face and fell back onto my pillow. 


"Mornin' baby girl." He hovered over me and kissed my hands that were still covering my face.


"Melindas here to get you. She said you can go shower and get ready in her room, then you and her are going somewhere while I back up our stuff."


"Where are we going?"


"Somewhere," he smirked. He knows that I hate not knowing. I sighed, got up, and headed to Melindas bathroom to get ready. I took a long, very needed shower and got dressed. I headed down to the bar area where I found Cal and Melinda eating breakfast. I joined them.


"Where are we going?" I asked Melinda since I knew Calum wouldn't tell me. 


"Shopping!" she exclaimed. "You need a hot, badass outfit to kick some werewolf butt in!" I smiled.


"I haven't gone shopping in forever, sounds fun." We finished our food and we headed our separate ways.


"First, we're going to look in a really popular sports store here called Mullaney's. They supposedly have a lot of fighting gear." We crossed the street and entered the store. then the weirdest thing happened; as soon as we walked in, there were gasps and whispers. People started to kneel and bow their heads. Once we passed they stood back up, but I could still tell they were talking about me. A guy came up to us and said,


"Excuse me, Ms. Styles, welcome to Mullaney's. Is there anything I can help you with today?" I was about to say 'no thank you' but Melinda jumped in and said,


"She needs a kick-ass outfit to fight bad guys in." The guy couldn't help but crack an amused smile. 


"Follow me," he stated. He led us to a room behind a red curtain.


"This room is specifically for royalty. If you need any assistance, just call." he nodded and walked away. Melinda nudged me and gave me the eyebrow.


"Royalty, hmm?" I smiled.


"Ok, let's see what we can find." She started picking out outfits for me to try on. When she finished, she had about ten different ones draped over her arms.


"Go in the dressing room and I'll give you them one by one. Even if you don't like it show me." I took the first one and tried it on.


"This is nice, if I'm going to a strip club!" She held up her hands.


"Try this one." I took it and went back in the dressing room. I came back out and just said,


"What the hell is wrong with you," and went back in. The next couple ones were just like the first. Finally, the last one I loved. I came out in a tight and simple black leather zip jacket that showed off a little cleavage, tight black leather pants, and dark gray, knee length, high heel boots. 


"Damn girl, that's the one!" I smiled. "Press the button on the side of your right boot." she told me. I looked down and sure enough, there was a button there. I pressed it and the high heeled boots transformed into comfortable running sneakers that somehow still went with the outfit.


"And all of the clothing material is extremely flexible."


"We need to get this." I went back in the room and changed into my regular clothes. Melinda put the other ones back and we walked to the register. I put my items on the counter and reached for my wallet but the cashier, the guy who had helped us earlier, said,


"No need to pay for this Ms.Styles. It's the least we can do for royalty." he smiled and handed me my things. I was still very unused to this treatment. We both walked back to the bar and back up to Melindas room, where Calum was waiting for us. He jumped up when he saw us.


"Whad'ya get?"


"I'll let her try it on for you," Melinda smirked and ran out of the room, shutting the door behind her.


"Leeme see!" Calum whined.


"Fine," I replied with and went and changed again. I came out of the bathroom with the clothes that I had picked out on, except I had now put on a push up bra and unzipped the jacket more. I had taken my hair out of its ponytail and let it fall around my shoulders. I left the shoes in heel form and walked out of the bathroom. Calum looked up from his phone and dropped it when he saw me. I walked over to him.


"This good enough for you?" I smiled. He looked me up and down.


"God damn Cassidy. You look amazing." He grabbed my waist and kissed me.


"This is going to make Brad so jealous." I pulled back and looked at him.


"Oh my god, we need to leave now. What if Brads already there? What if he really did bring an army? What if one of our guys is hurt? What if-" he put a finger over my lips.


"Stop worrying. Harry said that Brad said that he would be there at sunset. It's still the morning time. We need to teach you how to use some of your powers anyways." I nodded and kissed his cheek. I grabbed his hand and tried to walk out the door, but he stopped me. 


"Whoa, wait." He reached out and zipped my jacket up a little more. "Other guys don't need to be seein' that. It's all mine." I blushed. He smirked and we walked down the stairs together with all of our things. We found Melinda once more who was waiting for us by the door again. She saw us and said,


"Time to start your training."

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