Cassidy must chose between her love for Calum and her lust for Brad, but little does she know that choosing the wrong man could cost her her life.


16. Calum Remembers

Cassidys POV-


"You-you remember everything?" H nodded furiously.


"I remember when I first met you, when Harry and I fought Brad and his pack, and when we went searching for you." I tried to get up as I started to rip off all the wires that were taped to me, only to fall back over onto the floor with absolutely no strength at all. Calum rushed to scoop me up. He put me down on the bed and told me to stay still while he went and got the boys. Soon they came back all excited. Michael bro hugged Calum ans Luke clapped him on the back. The boys and him were talking and laughing while I just watched them and smiled. It was good to see them reunited as themselves again. Even though Cal was talking to them, he was looking at me. I winked at him then turned and closed my eyes while resting my head on the hospital's hard bed pillow. I felt someone come over and kiss my forehead. I thought it was Calum or Harry but it was actually Liam.


"Glad you're gettin' better, Cass." I heard many shuffling feet, some 'goodnights', and the door opening and closing. I thought I was alone when I felt someone climb into bed with me and press their front against my back. They had turned the lights off and draped their arms across my torso. They nuzzled their head into my neck and said,


"We never had that date ya know." I giggled and felt so comfortable and safe. I was so lucky to have this opportunity with such a hansom, talented, hot, and sweet guy that most girls could only imagine to be with. I was extremely lucky, and with that thought and the warm, protective body rapped around mine, I drifted to sleep, only to have a nightmare.


At around 3:00am-

In my dream, I was sitting on my bathroom floor. It sorta went like this:
Where am I? I thought to myself. Oh, I'm in my bathroom. I tried to stand up, but it was like my legs were super glued to the tile floor. The doors suddenly swung open like wind had blew them in. Harry stood at one and Calum stood at the other. They seemed to walk at the same time and move in the same way like they were connected or something. Now, in my bathroom, I have two sinks on both sides, so keep that in mind. The both opened a drawer on the sink on their side and reached for something inside. They both pulled out one of my bigger blades. They walked over to me with them and I tried to get away but I still couldn't move. I shook my head and kept saying "No, no, no," but they didn't seem to hear me. Calums empty hand grabbed my left arm and Harry grabbed my right. They both said in a raspy voice, "Relax Cassidy, we wont hurt you." Then they dragged the blades across my arms again, and again, and again. The last thing I remember was bleeding profusely, but being more emotional hurt than physically.


I was still sleeping, but apparently I had grabbed at Calum like he was my life line muttering "No, Calum. Harry. Don't hurt me." He shook me awake and I gasped, breathing heavily. I saw Calum and immediately moved away from him. My breath quickened and I stared at him wide eyed, like he was suddenly going to pull out a blade and start cutting me like he had in my dream. He reached out and touched my leg but I flinched. Deep down I knew I was being ridiculous, but I couldn't help it. He called Harry on his phone.


"Yeah umm Cassidy is scaring me. She won't let me even touch her. Come down here and see if you can do something. Bye" he hung up and looked at me.


"What's wrong. Please talk to me." I just stared at him. He sighed and sat there until Harry came. He walked in and shut the door behind him. He looked at me and Calum and walked over and sat on the bed. He also tried to reach for me but I just scooted back farther. He got up to get some medicine to help me sleep, but when he reached in the drawer, it brought back my nightmare.


"No!" I screamed. "Don't take my blade out of the drawer. Please," I whispered.


"What?! Why would I do that?" Calum hit himself on the head like he just figured it out.


"She must've had a bad dream." 


"Cassidy. You need to tell us what happened. Do it for me. Can you tell your big brother what your dream was about?" I nodded slowly.


"I-I dreamed that you and Calum had both taken blades from my drawers and had cut me over and over again all over my body. Then you left me after telling me how worthless I am and how much trouble I have caused." I looked down at my feet and didn't make eye contact with them.


"Cassidy," Cal's voice cracked. "We would never hurt you. Ever." I looked him in the eye and saw tears.


"Well, in the dream you guys were right; all I do is cause more trouble and it would be so much easier without me." I glanced longingly at the table with all the cutting  and incision tools. I swung my legs over the edge, not taking my eyes off the sharp edges.


"Cassidy?" Harry said. I got up and walked over to them slowly.


"Cassidy." Calum said nervously. I picked up one of the cutters, studying it.


"All would be better without me." I mumbled to myself. I dragged it across my wrist once. Then twice. The three times. I had done about 7 by the time the boys noticed what I was actually doing.


"Cassidy!!" Calums screamed and smacked the tool out of my hands. I jumped and that had seemed to wake me out of my trance. I looked at him, then at my bleeding arm. I looked at Harry.


"Did I do it again?" he nodded.


"Do what again?" Calum asked.


"Well sometimes, whenever I have depressing thoughts, its like something takes over my mind and is pushing me to hurt myself. It's awful and I can't control it." I flung myself at Claums and he buried his face in my messy hair. I cried and Harry also came over. They both hugged me until I was past exhausted. Harry carried me to my bed and said he would also stay with me tonight.


"I-I'm so sorry guys. Thank you. For everything." They both kissed me on the head and turned out the lights. As I was drifting to sleep I was too tired to hear correctly, but I could've sworn I heard Cal say,


"I love you, Cass. To the moon and back."

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