Love Hurts

They tried to run away and forget about each other, but, can things still work out for these two people?


7. Chapter 7


It had been two weeks, no one knew the main reason Toni and Mikey had stopped talking or even noticing they were even alive. Every time they saw each other they would just walk off or do something else.
Each of them had tried to get a reason out of them but it didn’t work.

Frankly, they had enough of their friends not talking. They came up with a plan to get them to at least be in the same place for a while.

“So we all get in the Limo, pick Mikey up and we start talking and then say 'aren’t you being stupid over this not talking thing. Get over it.'” Ronan said making sure he had the plan right.

“Yes sweetie, but a little bit more carefully.” Holly said kissing Ronan on the lips and wrapping her arms around him, pulling him close.

“I swear I can’t wait for you two to get a room of your own.” Toni said laughing as she walked on them.

Holly pulled away and gave her a sheepish smile, hoping she didn’t over heard.

“Yes but with me and Stacey both moving out you’ll be alone here.” Holly nodded her head to Ronan to carry on his side of the plan.

“Yes but this is good as you're both with the guys you love and love you back.” “You’ll find someone to love and love you back just the way you want.” “I thought I did” “I know, Mikey” Holly said knowing as she had hit a nerve. No on had told Toni that they all knew about her love for Mikey or even the notes Stacey found, or Josh calling, none of it. They thought it was best wait for the right moment and tonight would be that, they hoped.

“How do you know?” Toni asked shocked Holly led her into the living room explaining everything they had found out.

Toni couldn’t believe they knew and was just telling her today. Then part of her wasn’t that shocked really, she guessed they probably would find out or find the notes or something.

Holly could see she was getting somewhere with Toni, she just had to ask the question about the eventful night.

Keith Ronan and Shane rolled their eyes. They wanted to kill Mikey for being a stubborn butt head that he was sometimes.

“Look mate, I know you said you don’t want to see or speak to Toni again. I would say I get it but I don’t, as you or her won’t bloody well say. We're all friends who hang with the same people, you're going to see each other at some point, even talk. Especially at the wedding when you’ll be escorting her up the aisle”

“No, I bloody well won’t” Mikey snapped at Shane “Then you’re not coming to mine or Stacey wedding then. Ruin it then, why don’t you?” Shane stood up and walked out the door before he bloody told Mikey what for.
He bloody hoped this worked. “Or mine” Ronan said following Shane outside. “Well, let's hope this works mate” Ronan said putting his arm around Shane’s shoulders in a manly way. “Said the same thing myself.”

“Are you next then?” Mikey said to Keith, who was still sitting on the sofa.
“No, I’m not getting married yet, so I’m fine” Keith laughed. 
“They have a point, don’t you think?” Mikey looked up and sighed 
“Yes, they bloody have a point but I can’t see her knowing she doesn’t want to see me.” Mikey opened a can of Guinnes then threw one over to Keith, who had a small smile creep onto his lips then it went back to a look of concern, but Mikey just shrugged it off.

“Well, she must have changed her mind then.” Keith almost laughed when Mikey shot his head up and looked at him.
“What, she said she wants to see me?” “Well, yes and no. We said about going out tonight, said you would be there, would she mind seeing you. She said no, she wouldn’t. She had a huge smile on her face.”

“Really? Why didn’t you say so? So when and where?” Mikey said really excited at the thought that maybe him and Toni could become friends again.

“I’m not sure this is a good idea anymore” Keith said inside the limo with Ronan and Shane on the way to pick the girls up. “Why not, mate?” Ronan asked a bit confused.
“Well, you didn’t see him. When I said Toni wanted to see him he was so happy, like never before. I almost slipped up about the whole thing, I felt so bad. I swear to god he was happier about this than anytime we performed on stage or anything in his life. I think we should tell the girls this is a bad idea.” Keith just looked at his two mates for an answer.

“Let's just see what happens, she may come?” Shane said hopefully for his mate’s sake.
“Do you think that maybe Mikey likes Toni a bit more than he's letting out?” Ronan asked looking from Keith and Shane, who nodded their heads “Yes”

Toni looked in the mirror and sighed, she was looking forward to a night out, it had made her day when Stacey said Mikey wouldn’t be going. She wouldn’t have to look at him knowing about her old feelings, ok, not so old but when she wasn’t around him she could cope. When he was, the first thing she wanted to do was drink herself stupid. 
But she had changed, yeah, it may have been just two weeks but still she had changed. 

Toni added the last touches to her make up and headed downstairs.
She smiled as she looked at her tree friends. “Well, you gals look great, the guys will flip big time.” Stacey was wearing a short black dress that was backless, Katie had on black trousers and a blue halter neck. Holly was in black trousers and a pink corset style top. Toni had gone for a satin red dress that came to her knees, it was boob tube style at the top and came out and the bottom it was very 50’s and fitted her figure perfectly.

“Thanks guys" Toni laughed walking over to them and pulled them into a hug. "for everything” “Thanks for what?” Stacey asked looking at Holly and Katie as if to say 'does she know'.
“For the whole freak out thing I’ve been doing, Mikey, drinking, helping me through this. For Mikey not being here tonight”
“But he is” Katie cut in before she could think “Busted” Holly thought as she saw Toni’s eyes fill with tears.

“What, you said, Stacey, you said he wasn’t.” Toni said looking at Stacey for a reason, Stacey felt sick.

“Well, he wasn’t but he wants to see you” Stacey lied. “No, he doesn’t, Stacey, don’t lie, I can tell when you're lying and I know Mikey, he's stubborn as hell.” 
“Like you then” Katie snapped. “Hey, leave it out you too.” Holly said standing in front of Toni blocking her from attack. Which made the two girls shut up and look at her.

“Toni, come please, you don’t have to speak to him. We're picking up on the way so you have time to get it in your system. Hell, I’ll even dumb Ronan for the night that is and we can go out somewhere.” 
Toni looked at her best friends and sighed.
“Fine, I’ll come, but don’t think I’m speaking to him and please, don’t let me drink anything but water.”

Stacey smiled when she heard the Limo pull up. “Well, let's go then”

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