Love Hurts

They tried to run away and forget about each other, but, can things still work out for these two people?


5. Chapter 5


“I told you I should have taken my phone, but no. Not you.” Holly snapped at Ronan. They had only been away for two days when Keith had called asking for Josh’s number. Holly wanted to know why. Keith had tried not to tell her but she knew something was up, she managed to get it out of him.
Now they were on there way home. Ronan wasn’t best pleased.
“I’m not happy. Can’t we stay a few more days?” Ronan begged. “No, we bloody well can’t, I can’t leave her like that. There’s more to it than what Keith said. You would want to come back if it was one of the lads” 
“Yes, I guess, but I wanted to ask you to move in with me and if you wanted to be my wife.” 
It went quiet for a few seconds, Ronan’s heart was racing. “Yes to moving in and yes to being your wife.” Ronan turned to her for a second then looked back at the road. “Good”. They both laughed.

As Ronan pulled his car into the drive, Shane’s car came along.
“You're back early” Shane shouted out the window. “Got a call” Ronan said turning the engine off. “Us as well” Shane said walking up to his mate and gave him a hug.

“How did it go?” “Great. I asked Stacey to marry me. She said yes” Shane said smiling from ear to ear. “I asked Holly to marry me as well. Looks like we have two weddings coming up.” Ronan laughed. 
They walked into the house ready for what had been going on.

“She was doing what?” Holly screamed at Mikey. “She was getting Toni drunk. Since the party Nat’s been buying her drinks.” “Well, I hope you’ve told her where to go.” Stacey said handing Holly her mobile that was on the side. She looked at it and noticed she hadn’t turned her phone off when she left, she had 50 missed calls from Josh and voicemail.

“Wonder what he wanted” Holly said walking into the kitchen. Hearing Mikey say “Yes, of course I have. Well, I will when I see her.” before she closed the door.

As Holly listened to her message, she felt sick. Josh had explained the reason why Toni was being like she was. It made sense.

She walked into the living room. “You ok?” Ronan asked pulling her close to him and kissed her lightly on the lips. “Yes, great, I need to talk to Stacey and Katie alone, please. So if you guys don’t mind?”
The guys all looked at each other and nodded.

“Ok, what is it?” Stacey said sitting down on the sofa, noticing that a few CD cases weren’t shut properly. She stood up and picked them up and sat back down again, not looking at them.
“What does that say?” Katie asked Stacey, who looked at her and then looked in her lap. 
Stacey pulled the slips of paper out and read them.

“Umm guys, I think I know for a fact Natalie was buying the drink for Toni and also giving Toni a reason to drink.” Stacey handed them to Katie, who then passed them to Holly, who put it back down.

“That’s what I was going to tell you. Toni is head over heels in love with Mikey. Has been for years. That’s why she went to LA, to get over him. It didn’t work even though she tried. She would get drunk till forget about him. She came home to tell him but he was with Nat, who it seems from these letters, was just dating Mikey for the fame and rubbing Toni’s nose in it, making her worse. I always hated that bitch.”

“Hell yes” Stacey and Katie said together. “So what do we do now?”
“I say we tell the lads, just not Mikey. See what they think.”

The three girls nodded at the same time.

“I don’t know, he could do, we still don’t know who that girl was a few years ago. It could have been Toni?” Ronan said looking at the other two guys for support.

“We can ask him.” Shane said standing up and pulling out his mobile. Stacey grabbed it. “You can’t do that, 'Oh by the way, Mikey do you or did you have a thing for Toni?' Not going to work, hun.” Stacey sat back down again.

“What are we going to do then?” “Do what about what?” a voice said from the doorway, they all turned around to see Toni standing in the doorway.

“A party. For our engagement” Holly said a bit too quickly. “Are you engaged?” “Yes, me and Stacey.” Seeing Toni’s funny look she realised it came out wrong. “No, not me and Stacey, me and Ronan, Stacey and Shane. That made sense, right?” Holly said with a half smile. Everyone nodded and smiled back at her. Noticing Toni had fallen for the little white lie.

“That’s great. Can’t wait. I would jump up and down but I kind of feel ill. I don’t even remember anything or getting drunk” “That’s because it wasn’t you. It’s been Nat. Last night she spiked your drink.”
Toni was in total shock. “Why?” “Don’t know” Keith said looking around at the others.
“Mikey’s gone to sort it out, he went ape.” Keith noticed Toni look up. “Why? I mean, oh, ok.”

Toni turned around and went back upstairs. Toni had known all along it was Natalie. Toni had found the notes, she didn't even know why she kept them really. Just a reminder to show that although Toni wasn’t with Mikey, her love for him was stronger because she could have showed them to him at anytime and also that her love would keep him safe somehow.

Mikey had packed all of Natalie’s stuff he could find and put it by the street door. He waited her. She didn’t take too long though, after Mikey called her saying they needed to talk. He heard her open the door and walk into the living room.

“You’ve packed up my things. Don’t you think you’re over reacting? I only brought her the stuff, no big deal.” Natalie said as if she had done nothing wrong what so ever.

“Yes. I want you to leave and get out my life. You can’t love me if you’ve done this. What you’ve been doing to Toni is just plain evil. I don’t understand it.” “For god's sake. Poor little Toni, blah blah blah. What about poor Natalie? I have talent, I’m a total goddess, Mikey, and you know it. But what do I always hear, Toni. Poor little Toni is in love with some guy. Well, who cares? Love is for idiots.” Natalie saw the look on Mikey’s face. She could tell he was thinking.

“Yes Mikey, love is for idiots, you think I loved you, you must be joking, I’ve never loved you. Just been along for the ride and the fact that since I’ve been with you everyone knows who I am.”

“So bloody what? That doesn’t make up for what you’ve done to Toni, she’s done nothing wrong what so ever. You’re a evil bitch.”

“Yeah well, Mikey love. Life’s a bitch; it’s going to get much worse.” Nat smiled “Toni knew all along about me only using you. But she hasn’t told you or anything, has she?” Mikey looked to the floor.

“No, she didn’t” Natalie was smiling from ear to ear, she walked to the door.“Well, it shows how much she cares. You're standing here screaming at me for giving her drink, that’s sad. Mikey, you’re a sad little man. Toni doesn’t even think you're worthy to tell you about me. Have a nice life. It’s not your fault Toni never saw you as a friend” Natalie picked up her bag and slammed the door shut on a speechlessMikey.

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