Love Hurts

They tried to run away and forget about each other, but, can things still work out for these two people?


1. Chapter 1


“I’m worried. I don’t know about you lot. But that certainly isn’t Toni” Stacey said, she was watching Toni dancing by herself in the middle of the living room.

Stacey had decided that they needed to party. They being herself, Toni and Holly, her two best friends and flat mates. They had moved to Sligo over four years ago. In that short time their lives had changed a lot.

On one eventful night the three girls met Keith, Shane, Mikey and Ronan, formally known as Boyzone. The band just called it quits, they were celebrating.
Somehow they all ended up at the same table talking about anything and everything. From then they all became the best of friends.

Holly and Ronan got it together 6 months later. Stacey and Shane went through hell to be together because Shane was with Natasha. He chose Stacey and they have been together ever since 2 years and counting. 
Keith was seeing Katie on and off, at the mo they were off. Mikey, well, he just dated who ever he wanted. At the moment he was with some so-called singer called Natalie.

Toni had left Sligo and all her friends just over a year ago. She moved to LA, where she dated Joshua Jackson. That hadn’t worked out; Toni came home just under a month ago.

Ever since the group had noticed she wasn’t like she used to be. Sometimes she was happy and had a glint in her eye, then she would be moody and upset, locking everyone away. Toni being Toni wouldn’t tell anyone so they let her get on with it, thinking it probably had something to do with Josh and him being over filming a new film. Stacey and Holly weren’t so sure.

“Well, she’s probably letting off steam or something. Don’t worry.” Ronan added helpfully, pulling himself away from Holly for a second.

“Well, I don’t like it. I’m going to talk to her.” Stacey got up from Shane’s lap turning to kiss him, then she marched over to Toni.

“Stacey” Toni shouted once she saw she was standing in front of her with her arms folded and a concerned look. She didn’t care, she had no thoughts, she was free she liked it.
“Stacey. My friend Stacey. How are you doing? How is Shane, still hot?” Toni laughed.

“I’m good, Shane’s great as usual. How about you?” “Fab, couldn’t be better. Well that’s a lie, I could be better if I had a drink. Cause there are two of you in front of me, it’s hurting my head become one.” She said confused and waving her finger.

“Toni, this isn’t you.” Stacey placed an arm on her friend's shoulder to stop Toni from falling over from spinning in circles for hours.
“What. Stacey you talk too much. I say more drink” Toni stumbled over a bag and pulled out a bottle of Vodka cool. She unscrewed it and downed as much of it in one go as she could before Stacey took it off her.

“I want that, give it back now” Toni screamed trying to get the bottle back, she tried to jump but she was too dizzy to do anything apart from stand where she was.

“No. You’re not having anymore.” Toni pouted and walked out the room as best she could, Shouting back, “Party whatever downer”

“Make sure she doesn’t’ have anymore drink” Stacey said to everyone, hiding the bottle behind the sofa. They watched Toni leave the room.

When she reached the kitchen, which seemed to take forever, she was almost sick at the sight she saw in front of her: more couples all over each other.

Toni pulled out her mobile and dialled Josh’s number. If she weren’t so drunk she wouldn’t have called him. “But it was a party after all” she told herself.

“I want to go back to yours, Mikey. I’m bored,” Natalie said. She was sitting in the kitchen with her boyfriend, Mikey. She didn’t like his friends, family, or anything to do with him. Hell, she didn’t even like him much either. The only thing that she did like was the fact that since she had been with him everyone knew who she was. She was now somebody instead of a nobody. 
So she played the little Miss innocent I love him character she had used some many times before to someone better came along.

“Mikey, if you don’t come I’ll go back home to London.” She folded her arms in front of her. Mikey looked at her and sighed. He bloody wished she would go back home, she never bloody did though. 
“I can’t, they are my mates. Take my car keys and go back to mine. I’ll see you later” Natalie took his keys, bent down and kissed him.

On her way out she passed Toni and handed her a bottle of Vodka. “There you go. Knock yourself out.” Natalie smiled. Toni didn’t notice the smile was pure evil.

There was a knock at the door and since no one was going for it, Keith got up from the sofa. As he opened it he came face to face with Josh.

“Why are you here?” Keith shouted. “Toni called me. Is she ok?” 
Josh walked inside taking no notice of Keith, he stood in the hallway waiting for an answer. When he heard the music and Toni singing at the top of her voice.

“I’ll take that as a no” Josh said giving Keith a dirty look. “Are we doing Karaoke?” Mikey said, walking out of the kitchen he noticed Josh was there, he went to ask him what he thought he was doing. But he saw Keith shake his head.

The three lads walked into the living room. They looked at Toni, who had on her Discman and was still dancing by herself, but this time it was a slow track. And singing Groovy Kind of love.

Mikey and Keith looked at each other then at the others while Josh walked up to Toni.

“Why is that git here?” Holly snapped, she started to get up but Keith stopped her. “She called him.” “Can’t you tell him she’s drunk and she didn’t mean it?” Mikey added. “Nope, tried” Their attention was now back on to Toni, who screamed.
“Josh. You came.” Toni put her Discman down, then she ran jumped into Josh’s arms and wrapped her legs around him.

“I’ve changed my mind. I want to go back with you to LA. I don’t love you but I can grow to love you. I know that I would be happy. I don’t love him anymore. I swear I won’t love” before Toni could carry on Josh put a hand over her mouth.

“Listen to your Discman and I’ll get you a drink with lots of vodka, my special.” Josh put Toni back down, she grabbed her Discman and started singing again.

“What the hell is going on?” Shane asked more concerned now than he was before. “It’s a long story. Just make sure she doesn’t listen to Glory of love or all hell will break out.”

“You sound like she’s done this before?” Holly asked, she had one eye on Toni and the other on Josh.

“Yes. Why do you think she came to LA? It had nothing to do with me. She was running away from someone. I only found a few months ago when she went like this and confessed everything to me. This is the only way she can escape from everything, her thoughts, feelings. I thought it would have got better considering she came back. But I can see it hasn’t”

Josh looked at Toni to make sure she was still dancing, which she was and headed to the kitchen to get her a drink of coffee.

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