Begins With A Friend

You felt like you lost everything. Your body was numb to pain. No matter how many times they try to knock some sense into you, you stay in the darkness waiting for her. Why did she have to leave us? It's not fair! Life isn't fair... You felt like that until a certain friend came into your life.


1. You Just Don't Understand.

Constant ringing came from your alarm clock.

" Shut up!"

You threw it across the room to see it crash against your wall breaking.

" Thats just great!" You let out a couple cuss words while you're at it.

" Y/n?"

Sour Cream's voice drifted into the room.

What does he want?

" What?" Your voice was cold.

" I was just checking to see if you were ok. I thought I heard-"

" I'm fine."

" Alright. Um. Breakfast is ready."

Ignoring what he said, you walked towards your closet.

" What should I wear? Oh I know. Black like always."

" You could wear-"

You cut him off with a growl.

" I was just trying to help."

" Why... don't you go get something to eat. Tell your mom I'm going out for a walk."

" Sure Y/n."

You heard him walk off.

You picked out the first outfit your eyes laid on.

It was black shirt that said ' Fuck Off ' and completely black pants with matching converse. Of course I need a spike collar to finish it off.

Perfect. The complete opposite of this fucked up cheery place.

Opening your window, you slid down the roof shingles and landing on the ground in an army role.

Squinting at the sun, a permanent grimace was painted across your face.

Why out of all the places in the world was you sent here?

You put in head phones as you ignored the world.

The stares of the people of this town didn't affect me at all.

So... boring.

There's no excitement around here.

You hate it.

You hate being here.

We think it'll be the best for you to separate from us for a while. It'll do you good. Think about all the fun stuff you'll be able to do! You live right on the shore of a beach! Me and your mother had some good times there. I'm sure you will too.

Stupid family.

You paused a song before changing it.

" Look at that freak! I heard she cuts herself!"

" I hear you." You said firmly not even glancing at them.

You didn't have any time for ass wholes.

But when they weren't looking, you checked to see if the scars were noticeable.

Stupid depression.

Stupid everything.

You looked at the beach.

Stupid... huh?

People were screaming for their lives as they ran away.

" What's going on here?" You take out your earphones.

" Crystal Gems! We need the Crystal gems!" Someone screamed.

" Crystal Gems?"

You ran into the chaos heading directly for the supposedly danger.

You froze.

" What the fuck?!"

A green and black creatures were everywhere.

" What is that?!"

One came straight towards you at top speed.

Trying to run, you tripped over your own feet.

You were frozen as it sat right in front of it.

Why... Why does this feel familiar to you?

A light shines through your darkness.

You suddenly smiled for some reason as your hand went out to it.

Suddenly, a twirling spear came out of no where.

" No!"

As the animal was badly injured, it poof out of existence leaving a rock behind.

Looking all around, you saw two others joining in as well.

" S-Stop it!"

Either they didn't hear you or they were ignoring you because they kept on killing.

A knot of pain made you cry out.

" You're killing them!"

They stopped as the ground was cover with the same colored rocks.

" What have you done?" Your voice broke through a whisper.

You began to tremble as one of them laid their eyes on you.

Her giant fists frightened you.

What is she looking at?!

You wanted to scream at her until you couldn't scream no more. You wanted to show them the pain you felt. The burning feeling of revenge made you... made you...

You just ran away as fast as you could.

Idiots! How could they do that? They just don't understand...

" Understand what?"

The word came out of your mouth. Why do you care so much for these animals? You don't even know what they're called. And it looked like they were terrorizing citizens...

" Doesn't matter! They just don't understand the creatures! That's all! Those monsters!"

Your heart began to hurt from the memories you just created.

Hiding between two buildings, you took out your emergency razor.

Breathing hard, You started slicing your wrist tears pouring down your face.

" Momma!" You started yelling like a little kid lost.

" I want my momma!"

Time Skip

You woke up to see a full moon.

" Where am I?" You were leaning against a brick wall.

That's when your memory of earlier appeared.

You must of passed out from the blood lost.

That's when you heard a rustle in a garbage can at the end of the alley.

" Uh...." You walked forward towards it.

Maybe it was a stray cat that got stuck while trying to get a little dinner.

You froze as it tipped over.

Nothing came out.

" Come her kitty... Or doggie. Whatever you are."


" Come on! I'm not gonna hurt you."

Slowly, it walked out.

You gasped.

It was one of the creatures from earlier!

Reacting to your reaction, it ran back into the garbage can.

" No! Come back out!"

He did as you said.

You stared at it as a smile came upon your lips.

Sticking out a hand, you attempted to pet it, but it flinched at your touch.

" It's alright. I'm your friend."

And as if it understood, it pushed its head into the palm of your hand.

" Good... boy?"

It shook it's head responding.

" Girl?"

It replied in a purr.

" A girl... alright! So... do you got a name?"

It shook it's head.

" What about I call you... P/n."

You always wanted a pet named P/n.

It began to shake with excitement at the name.

" P/n it is then. Wanna come home with me girl?"

It was so excited it jumped on top of you.

You began to laugh as you wrapped your arms around her .


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