Becoming A Mother


1. 5th grade

"Yadera hon! Get up!",said my mother. It was the first day of 5th grade. I popped up really quickly and smiled. "But mommy, I been up!",u lied wiping my eyes. "Whatever you say hon, quickly, let's make your bed. I woke you up five minutes late, and I need to get to work early!",she says helping make my bed. "Oh, ok." I didn't really understand what working meant, but I just went along with it. "Come, lets brush our dirty teeth!",she says grabbing my hand and rushing across the hall. She opened the cabinet and grabbed my pink princess tooth brush and she grabbed a thick blue brush. She put a chunk of paste on mines and hers and I frowned at her. "Mommy! You put too much!",u yelled. "Yadera! We go through this everyday! You need enough to keep your teeth clean or else people at school will talk about you.",she said as toothpaste began to foam in her mouth. I got an attitude real quick. "Yadera, I'm not playing with you this morning!",she yelled. "What's going on?!",yelled my dad rubbing his eyes as he stood at the doorway. "Yadera doesn't like the toothpaste.",she says spitting the paste out and brushing again. "Come on Yadi, it's not much, you just have to do it quickly. See...",he grabbed his toothbrush and added a chunk of toothpaste on his tooth brush. He quickly rubbed the brush around his mouth and smiled. "There.",he murmured. I began to do the same and he smiled. "Come on now, time to get dressed.",she said rushing me out the bathroom as she wiped my face. She set some clothes out on my bed to wear and I began to have a fit. "This year, I want to pick my own clothes.",I said.

"Are you sure?",she asked. I nodded and she stepped away. I grabbed some jeans and a tripped blue and white shirt with some white converse out and she smiled. "Not bad.",she said. I quickly shuffled my clothes on and put my socks and shoes on. I walked into the bathroom where my mother had the brush in her hand ready to do my hair.

The brush glided against my hair roughly as she rushed my hair into a ponytail. She tied a blue ribbon to it and sprayed me with perfume. "There we go, now get your things ready and by the door.",she says. I grab my backpack and rush downstairs to the kitchen,where my dad is sitting down to a cup of coffee. "Daddy,can I drink some?",I asked. "No Yadi, it's not good for you. It will make you short forever!",he says and I thought about it for a second and turned away. "Not again!",says my dad. "What David?",said my mother grabbing her purse from the table. "The police are changing things up. They say if people shouldn't look so suspicious, then they would never get beat!",says my dad flipping through the newspapers. "Jesus! I really hate when they say idiotic things like that! It really pisses me off!",she says. "Calm down honey, hopefully this will all change sooner or later due to the protests. We should protest tonight.",he says setting his mug down. I watch them confused."But honey, it's too dangerous, and who will watch Yadera?",she asked. "Uh, Maddie of course.",he said. Maddie was my dads sister. I didnt like her much. She would always smoke around me and drink when they were away, and would always play around with me too much and chase me. It scared me. "No!", I yelled. They both looked at me confused. "But Yadi, Maddie is a wonderful person.",says my dad. "David I kind of agree, she smokes and she'll blame it on the neighbors coming to the front porch. Like Earl and Damie would ever!",she yelled. "I'm ready to go now.",I said. My mom looked at the clock. "Jesus David! Let's go!"

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