One More Time, Please

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  • Published: 17 Sep 2016
  • Updated: 17 Oct 2016
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​​​​​​​Chapters: 9
Word Count: 7,327
Page Count: 20.3
Status: Completed

Ayame Orishi is a student at Ouran Academy. Her mom just got remarried, her sister has been sent abroad and her step-father is a jerk. Will she find a light in her life or will she fall into despair at what her life is? Will she have help or will she be left to burn on her own?


2. The Eventful Lunch

        The rest of my classes flew by before lunch, but no matter which class, he sat by me. Getting lunch, he's right in front of me. He gets the B lunch which is grilled filet mignon wrapped in bacon and served with mashed potatoes, string beans and portabella Mushrooms. He stands to the side, obviously waiting for me. I get the D lunch which is Oyakodon, chicken and egg served over rice. I walk over to him.
        "Why the western meal?" I ask.
        "Because I like western food."
        "Why wait for me?"
        "So, we didn't waste any time on you trying to find me in this cafeteria," he said. He turned and walked to an empty table. I followed him, seeing as I had no other choice. As soon as we sat down, he pulled out his notebook. "Now, we were deciding between Dante's Divine Comedy and Tolkien's Lord of the Ring: Fellowship of the Ring."
        "I say Dante," I said as I pulled out my journal. "My reason is because The Divine Comedy is an incredible story about a man and his grief over his only love in life." I took a bite of my lunch.
        "Seriously? Is that you're only explanation? To me, the story is about a fool who never confessed his feeling while his love was alive and the regret drove him to the brink of insanity."
        "Wow, you just don't see the light in anything, do you?"
        "What makes you say that?"
        "Maybe it's just your oh so sunny disposition that you keep showing." I reply sarcastically.
        "So, Dante it is."
        "One sarcastic remark and you decide?" I start laughing. "Well, our paper will be interesting."
        "Why's that?"
        "Because I think we should just write about how we came about our choice." I smiled and wrote in my journal the following: Dante's Divine Comedy, interview, costumes and paper by Ayame Orishi and Kyoya Otori. I noticed that he did the same. "So, what about ours character?"
        "Virgil also known as Virgilius and Beatrice. Virgil because he is a constant in Inferno for Dante and Beatrice because she is Dante's subject."
        "Okay, that works." I wrote down the names ad put my pen down. We needed to finish lunch before we had to go to our next class. "So, when should we next work on this?"
        "Meet me in Music Room 3 during break." He said after he swallowed the last of his food. He stood and put his journal up. "I will see you then, Ayame."
        "Same to you, Kyoya," I said, putting up my journal. He picked up his bag then his tray and walked to give his try to the employee who cleans them. I followed his lead. He left for business lessons and I turned to classical music.

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