One More Time, Please

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  • Published: 17 Sep 2016
  • Updated: 17 Oct 2016
  • Status: Complete
​​​​​​​Chapters: 9
Word Count: 7,327
Page Count: 20.3
Status: Completed

Ayame Orishi is a student at Ouran Academy. Her mom just got remarried, her sister has been sent abroad and her step-father is a jerk. Will she find a light in her life or will she fall into despair at what her life is? Will she have help or will she be left to burn on her own?


6. Squandered Hope

        It's 4 days until presentation day and there's still no sign of my mom. Kyoya had found someone to sew our costumes and we have to try them on tomorrow. The next day we are going to rehearse the interviews, then I have to go talk to the police about my mom. I haven't told Kyoko yet, but I should.
        Currently there is a constant watch on Takeo's house. There's an officer with me at all times. It's driving me crazy, not know and being watched. I was at an outdoor cafe, waiting for a cappuccino.
        I had my headphones on and was singing to an american song called 'Bluebonnets' by Aaron Watson. I could feel people staring at me. I let the emotions pour from me in the lyrics. I saw someone walk by with a tear in their eye. They gave me a sad smile.
                "Like bluebonnets in the spring,
                "We're only here for a little while,
                "It's beautiful and bittersweet,
                "So make the most of every mile,
                "So pack light and love heavy,
                "Give it all your heart and soul,
                "So in the end you won't regret one thing,
                "Life is like bluebonnets in the spring
                "Life is like bluebonnets in the spring."
        I finished singing and looked for another song to play on my laptop. My drink arrived and I ordered a shortbread cookie to go with it. I found a song call 'Burning House' by Cam. I listened to it a couple of times before trying my hand at it. 
        Hatori sat down on the other side of the table. I took of my headphones and paused my music. I looked at him while he ordered a decaf black coffee and a plain biscuit. I closed my laptop and sighed.
        "It's about time you showed up," I told him without meaning it. He laughed, making me smile. "So, any sign of him?"
        "No, and from a call that I got from his boss earlier, he hasn't been to work in weeks," he answered. "By the way, you have a beautiful singing voice."
        "Do you think i would be singing in public otherwise?" I asked rhetorically.
        "Point taken. So, have you told Kyoko yet?" I looked away from him. "I'll take that as a no. You have to tell her. I would do it now so she knows. And call her, don't email."
        "I know I really should," I pulled out my cell phone that Hatori brought to me two weeks ago. I sighed again and found my sister's number. It's afternoon there so she'll be awake. I pressed call and put the phone to my ear. Hatori watched me carefully.
        Two rings and I heard my sister's voice. "Ayame! What's up?!" she practically yelled.
        "First, Kyoko, hello, second, volume, that hurt my ear."
        "Oh, sorry, I'm just excited to hear from you," she said in a normal voice.
        "I have some bad news, mom's missing."
        "What?!" She did yell this time. I switch the phone to my other ear and rubbed the one that was the victim. She quieted down, "When did this happen?"
        "Four weeks ago, I couldn't bring myself to tell you until Hatori told me that I'd have to call you for this."
        "Hand me to him," she told me. I handed the phone to him and he started talking to her. I zoned out until I heard him sit my phone on the table.
        "She wants you back at the mansion and she's going to talk to people and she if she can get back here," he told me. I nodded, I was too tired to care about anything. He asked me to lead him to the place I was stay after we paid for our drinks and food. I carried my laptop, phone and headphones.
        Once we got there, he started packing my stuff. I heard a knock on the door and went to answer it. When I opened the door I saw Kyoya standing there. I smiled slightly and let him in. We had been meeting here to work on our project on the weekends. He looked at me curiously when he heard the noise Hatori was making from packing my stuff.
        "I'm moving back in with my step-brother, not by choice. He's packing all my stuff." I said. A minute later, Hatori came out of the room with my bag of stuff. He looked at Kyoya skeptically.
        "Hatori meet Kyoya Otori, Kyoya, this is my step-brother Hatori," I said loud enough for them to hear me. They nodded to each other. Hatori walked out the door and we followed.


        When we got to the mansion, Hatori said something about giving me a new room. I didn't hear it all though because I saw a body bag on the ground. A policeman came up to our group. He looked at us.
        "Ayame and Hatori Orishi?" He asked dully. I nodded and Hatori looked at the officer. "We just found your mother in one of the trunks of the cars in the garage. I'm sorry for your loss." I ran inside and threw myself on the couch in the parlor, not caring who saw. I just called my sister to tell her mom was missing and now I find out she's dead.
        I feel someone sit next to me and start rubbing circles on my back. I look up and see Kyoya. His face was stoic though his eyes looked at me with empathy. I sat up and putt my face in his shoulder. He held me close until I fell asleep.



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