One More Time, Please

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  • Published: 17 Sep 2016
  • Updated: 17 Oct 2016
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​​​​​​​Chapters: 9
Word Count: 7,327
Page Count: 20.3
Status: Completed

Ayame Orishi is a student at Ouran Academy. Her mom just got remarried, her sister has been sent abroad and her step-father is a jerk. Will she find a light in her life or will she fall into despair at what her life is? Will she have help or will she be left to burn on her own?


4. Home Life

        That was the most interesting day of school I've had so far. A complex project, a boy who writes every bit of information down, a host club with an idiot founder. I wonder what's next. It's my step-brother tackling me as I enter the house. I thought I would get a break today.
        "Hey, little sis!" he yelled in my ear.
        "Hatori, that was in my ear, now get off me." I pushed him off. "And don't call me little sis, my name is Ayame." I huffed and walked up to my room. My step-brother was more excited to have me and my sister as siblings than we were to have him as a brother. It was just Kyoko, mom and I for so long, and since mom was always working to support us, it seemed Kyoko and I where the only ones there for each other. I am always grateful to my mom, I'd let her rest on the days she actually got off.
        The man she chose for a husband is a narcissistic jerk. He doesn't think my sister or I will live up to anything. He also think that his son is a disappointment, which I don't see how, Hatori was just accepted into Cambridge-Oxford University. Though I don't like my step-brother, I know he will make something to spite his father's thoughts.
        My sister is the eldest out of us three, she's in the states for studies right now. The last time I saw her was for the wedding, during which she let out what she thought about our new step-father. Her comment made him mad and he signed her up for the student exchange program. With his influence, she was put on the top of the list and off she went. We exchange emails and it seems like she's having a good time there.
        After I put my bag up and pulled out my notebook, I sat at my desk. I opened my laptop and put on my headphones. I started my music, I have my list timed to where I'm listening to my favorite modern music before he gets home and checks on what I'm doing. He only hears the classical part of my list. The first song on is Three Days Grace's Animal I Have Become. After my music started, I worked on typing up the paper for Kyoya and I.
        Two hours later, my step father came into my room, unplugged my headphones and surrounded my room in Bach's Cannon in D minor. He smiled, plugged my head phones back in and picked up my laptop to see what I was working on. He took ten minutes to read through the paper, his frown getting deeper as it went. When he was down, he paused my music, too my headphones off my head and sat the laptop down.
        "So, who is this Kyoya?" My step-father asked.
        "The boy I was paired with for a project in Western Literature." I replied softly, "His full name is Kyoya Otori." His eyes widened, which I had never seen before.
        "You're in class with an Otori boy? That's perfect, you may live up to something yet. Listen, you have to make him fall for you."
        "WHAT?!" I stood up so fast he had to back up. "Seriously, you think you can just make someone fall in love, Takeo? You're wrong! Falling in love is supposed to be magical and unique to each  person." He grabbed me by my wrist and slapped my face. In response, I kicked him where no man whats to be kicked. He fell to the floor. I proceeded to knock him out.
        I quickly packed all my stuff that wasn't large. This included my laptop, my clothes, my blanket, my stuffed wolf, my school supplies and every notebook in my possession. As soon as I finished, I left a note for my mom in a place where she would be the only one to look. The note explained everything that happened. I knew that Takeo wouldn't report me to the police because he wouldn't want anyone to see anything but a perfect family. I'll hear from my mom, eventually. I walked to the front door and saw Hatori waiting.
        "I heard the yelling. I won't try to convince you to stay. Just stay safe, I like you and your family as my own. You guys are the first people who've seen what my life is like and you don't treat me like I should be pitied. If fact, you get irritated by me like I'm just a simple annoyance that you think highly of with what I done for myself."
        "Whatever Takeo tells you, Hatori, you should be proud. You've been accepted into a school halfway around the world and you have a plan for your future. I just want to ask one favor. If you get a chance to talk to my mom alone, tell my mom to look in the hiding place. She'll know what it means." He nodded and held the door open for me.
        "I'll see you around." those were the last words I heard before he shut the door. For someone who I never accepted as a brother, he sure just acted like a concerned big brother. I smiled to myself as I started walking to the place I had waiting for just such an emergency. Hopefully, everything will be alright.

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