Phil...I can't

Will Dan ever get the courage to tell Phil how he really feels?


2. The note...

I woke up and almost immediately remembered what happened the day before. I groaned and got out of bed. I went over to my wardrobe and selected my outfit. Black jeans with a black top and my leather jacket, and headed to the kitchen.

Great, Phil was there. Now we'd have to talk. I went over with my cereal and sat down next to him. He didn't look up. I opened my mouth to say something but Phil interrupted me.

"Here." He passed a note to me across the table. It read;

Dan, please don't let this be the way our friendship ends. Even if you don't want to be with me, could we still share the apartment. I don't know if I can ever live alone without you again. I really want this to work. Phil.

I looked up at Phil and nodded.

"I just need to find myself first"


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